Louisville, KY, has one of he most famous hand surgery practices in the world.  Kleinert and Kutz have introduced procedures that had never been done before.  Sadly, Kentucky has many farming accidents that involve patients losing hands, fingers, and arms.  The brilliant surgeons at Kleinert and Kutz have pioneered procedures that involve re-attaching these limbs and digits in a way that is usually permanent.  One their surgeons pioneered the first hand transplant over 10 years ago.

Using music with a surgical procedure like this can be extremely helpful.  Can you imagine the panic and pain that someone who has just lost an arm, hand or fingers would feel?  Being able to place the Serenity Headphones on a patient as soon as they enter the waiting area, immediately begins to calm the patient as other medications take effect.  With risk of great blood loss, the headphones actually synchronize the heart rate and pulse with the slow, steady tempo of the music and allow doctors to stabilize the patient faster.

One of our customers had to undergo hand surgery with Dr. Kutz, and here is her report to us:

“I have had many surgeries, and this hand surgery with Dr. Cash’s wonderful Surgical Serenity Solution was the easiest by far.  I went to sleep listening to the beautiful piano music, there was a lull and then I woke up hearing that same beautiful music playing.  It was very orienting to me and I remembered immediately exactly where I was and why I was there.  I hope the medical community will realize what a wonderful device you have created and will order them by the thousands!”

Sheryl Soderberg, Louisville, KY