Knee Replacement Surgery with Music


The aging baby-boomer population is filling up the hospitals nowadays.  Our joints, especially are simply wearing out and luckily, they can now be replaced!  Imagine what it was like when joints wore out and people just had to live with it.   Results of worn-out joints included becoming sedentary, depressed and eventually dying of pneumonia.  Of course this didn’t happen to everyone, but many people, for centuries, did have this happen.

We do live in a miraculous time!  With antibiotics, artificial knees and hips, and machines that can exercise our knees and our lungs for us, what more do we need?  I think that a great addition to this picture is music.

Ample research exists that document music’s beneficial effects before, during and after surgery.  When the music is delivered through cordless, pre-programmed headphones, it’s even better!  Recently I met with a lady who desperately needed knee replacement but was so fearful and anxious that she almost didn’t have the surgery.  She had heard about the Surgical Serenity Solution and because she lives here in Louisville, KY, I was able to hand-deliver them and talk with her about how different this would be from previous surgeries.

Listen as she describes what her experience was like:


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