Dr. Alice Cash has worked very hard to combine her love and knowledge of the power of music for healing with her desire to serve. She has created a simple but effective device allowing anyone having surgery to have a better preoperative experience -typically experiencing less pre-operative anxiety, the need for less anesthesia and subsequently less post-op pain and anxiety. Both individuals and medical facilities are now utilizing her unique surgical serenity pre-loaded mp3 headphones. As an surgery nurse, I can definitely recommend Dr. Cash and her products.”

Susi Roos, Evicting Cancer

Dr Cash is a wonder and leads surgical solutions with passion and intelligence.

Michael Peck, MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Treehouse Holdings/Chimera Group

“Dr. Alice, you truly have changed the way people think about having surgery. To have surgery and know that there is a solution to reduce fear, anxiety before and after surgery, as well as help prevent dependency to pain killers, is truly a perfect example of how you have created value to other human beings who risk dependency on pain killers by way of MUSIC.” 

Lucy E. Blanco, podcast host of Your Musical Brain

“Alice does amazing things with music to help one calm during surgery and heal more quickly afterwards. “

Jane Halliday, Musician

“… this is a great way to alleviate anxiety in the perioperative period.”

Lisa Klein, MD, Norton Children’s Medical Group - Pediatric Cardiology

“Her business is a wonderful solution for those going into surgery. The music calms and relaxes during a very stressful time.”

Michele Redmon, I.C.O.E. Bracelet LLC
“Dr. Cash, thank you so much for helping me choose the perfect music for my hip replacement surgery.  The procedure went exceptionally smoothly and knowing that I had music that I loved made everything easier.  I plan to be back on my cross-country skis in February.”
Barb E, Patient
“My son’s surgery was yesterday.  He wore the headset for two hours before surgery and during the procedure.  Unlike his last surgery, all went well.  Lots of people were involved to make sure he reacted well to the anesthesia and other medicines provided.  They were very happy to let him use the headphones in the operating room.  He went into surgery thinking the headset would be helpful in keeping him calm and needing less anesthesia, and he did remain calm after coming around post-op.  We believe your music was integral to his good experience.  Many thanks! “
Faith Nguyen, Mother.


“I had to have a series of painful dental procedures.  For the first two, I did not have the Surgical Serenity headphones, but then I found out about them and got them immediately.  What a difference!!  The first procedures, I sat in the chair completely tensed up and waiting for the pain.  It was miserable!  The last time, I used the headphones and actually relaxed and enjoyed listening to the beautiful, relaxing music.  They are so comfortable and have no cords to interfere with dentist’s machinery.  I will recommend them to everyone .”
Suzanne Bergmeister, MBA Professor at University of Louisville.
My name is Mary Jo Linker.  I am a female age 63.  About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with SSNHL, which is a sudden sensorineural hearing loss.  I was also diagnosed with severe hyperacusis and severe tinnitus.  I have been under anesthesia 3 times since then, and the noise in my head has gotten louder each time following the surgery. I will also mention I do not do well with anesthesia……nausea and vomiting and usually wake up crying and very disoriented.  I was telling Dr. Alice Cash about this and she recommended I wear her surgical headphones and see if it made a difference.  I wore the headphones about 40 minutes a day the week before the knee surgery to get used to them.  The classical piano WAS NOT hard to get used to!!!  It was wonderful.  The morning of surgery I put the headphones on before being taken back .  I woke up much calmer, absolutely no nausea or vomiting then or at home and my ears do not seem to be any worse this time.  I thank God for Dr. Cash. I think she has developed a product that can help many people.  Thank you Dr. Alice Cash!
Mary Jo Linker
“In August 2014 I had gall bladder surgery. I was apprehensive since I was so slow to come out of the anesthesia during past surgeries. I never saw the inside of the recovery rooms. It took so long they just moved me on to the post-op room. I used the Surgical Serenity headphones for a couple of weeks prior to the surgery, plus before and during the surgery and recovery. Prior to the surgery, my blood pressure was lower than normal and I woke up in the recovery room for the first time ever! I highly recommend these headphones to anyone preparing to have surgery!”
Patty Cook
“I found the music/headphones to be extremely relaxing and helpful during a surgical procedure. I was also fascinated that the surgeon and anesthesiologist had no reservation about the use of music and were aware of its use.”
Sandra Elam, MD at Lifespring Inc.
“Dr Alice Cash’s earphones designed for surgery are the highest and best thing you can do for yourself if you are facing surgery. I had had a failed bowel resection (colectomy) , then an ileostomy. I was in no way prepared for those surgeries and they were terrible. Using Dr. Cash’s headphones for the third and reversal surgery was a completely different experience. The surgeon as well as the anesthesiologists were impressed, and said that it made their work easier!! I don’t know why everybody doesn’t wear them into surgery!”
Catherine Moylan
“Dr. Cash’s headphones are an ingenious way to alleviate stress and pain associated with surgical procedures and speed healing, with specifically chosen music incorporating appropriate rhythms and tempi beneficial to the body and mind.”
Heidi Poth Tracy, Violinist with the Louisville Orchestra
“Dr. Alice Cash is passionate in her belief of the healing of music. This is an emerging area with great potential. I recently evaluated the Healing Music device and found it to be soothing and comfortable.”
Todd Geddes
“I have had severe insomnia for over a year.  After my husband died, I could not relax or calm down or think of anything but how empty my life would be without him.  I did not want to take powerful sleeping medications because of the fear of addiction.  Then I heard about the Surgical Serenity Solution music on pre-programmed headphones.  I was desperate to get some sleep and Dr. Alice Cash kindly lent me some to see if they might help.  I was skeptical but decided it was definitely worth a try.  This was almost a month ago (8/16) and I am sleeping through the night almost every night!  Thank you Dr. Alice for this miracle product!!”
Gail Hester

“I am an emergency room nurse and have looked at music therapy in many forms over the years. I have also worked as an anesthetic technician where my interests in playing music to patients took a deeper interest.
I purchased your music for a friend who was undergoing a minor procedure but none the less it was a GA (general anesthesia) and she had not had one before.

  • Her recovery was amazing.
  • Absolute minimal pain relief (2X 200mg ibuprofen).
  • Her total recovery emotionally, mentally and physically was smooth, short and uncomplicated.

So thank you for putting together such an effective product”

Willow Francis, Fremantle, Australia
“Dr. Alice Cash has a passion for what she loves and she loves helping patients achieve serenity during one of the most stressful times in their lives . . . surgery. She has put in years of time and research to put together the perfect music solution to surgical serenity.”
Joe Bonura
“Alice tackles challenges with a positive attitude. She is upbeat and shares her enthusiasm with those around her. When it comes to music and healing, Alice is an expert! Alice is able to share this expertise in a loving manner. She makes learning about the benefits of music fun and easy.”
Kelly Watkins
“Alice was a very active and effective chapter President of NSA-Kentucky. She both initiated and laid the ground work for many exciting projects that have caused this chapter to catch fire. She brought wisdom and direction. And led with the heart of a servant. I highly recommend Dr. Alice Cash for any leadership endeavor!.”
Michael Duke
“I had my dental surgery on Wednesday April 8th with your surgery music and it was wonderful. I had begun listening to the music ahead of time so they were like old friends when surgery time rolled around. Benefits were I kept expecting to be nervous +++ as the date of surgery rolled around but couldn’t seem to summon up any anxiety. My blood pressure has dropped to normal limits. I “knew ” I wouldn’t be able to sleep prior to surgery but guess what I slept well. I was calm and relaxed before surgery. The dentist and staff tucked me in, made sure I had my music, away we went. Post -op I was still relaxed – had a sleep and had little pain- I had a bunch of work done – I did take an Advil at bedtime just for “insurance” but really didn’t need it.”
Anne Thoen, Alberta, Canada
“Alice Cash doesn’t understand “We can’t do it.” I have worked with her on various projects over the past 7 years. She is willing to move forward with a new business concept or idea. She seeks council from those that have achieved success. Dr. Cash is ahead of 90% of today’s business leaders when it comes to understanding the “how” and “why” every one should be involved with the marketing use of the “Social Media.”
John Henderson, I-Net Marketing
“I was on the board of the NSA-Kentucky with Dr. Cash. She is a very detail-oriented person with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm to get things moving forward. She has passion for her work and would be an asset to anyone who hired her.”
Susan Shurkey-Coates, Owner, Bluegrass Speakers Bureau/The Speaker Studio
“I had a full hysterectomy in 2005 at Stanford and my physician provided me with a cd to listen to in preparation for the surgery. The premise was to listen to the cd an follow the exercises provided along with the music. Having the music, prepared me in ways that I never would have dreamed- it actually changed my life, even to this day. There was no pre-op nervousness and before I knew it, I was in my recovery room still listening to the music. What a peaceful and relaxing way to enter something normally so stressful. My recovery was just as wonderful and I listened to the cd every night during recovery. Years later I find myself humming a few bars of the relaxation song to calm me down when I am tense. The cd has since been lost to me during several moves, but I truly wish I still had it. Music is very beneficial to the psyche and physical attributes towards preparation and healing and I will use it from now on…”
June Pegram