Preloaded Headphones for Hospitals

Over the last 3 decades, research into the benefits of music with different types of surgery and medical procedures has grown exponentially.  We now know that when music enters the brain through the 8th cranial nerve as it does with headphones, many aspects of the brain and body are positively affected.

Our copyrighted music is chosen and created by Dr. Alice H Cash, PhD, LCSW, a musicologist with 30 years of experience in using music, according to a proprietary system that engages “rhythmic entrainment,” in which the body responds to the rhythm of the music, creating relaxation, Our music is specifically curated to calm patient anxiety and decrease perception of pain.

Surgical Serenity Solutions headphones

Choose from 25, 50, or 100 headphones preloaded with a variety of our 3 most popular genres:
Classical, Jazz, and New Age

You’ll have the option to customize the genres if you wish.

You’ll also get a starter pack of 2-pair of disposable earpiece covers per headphone.

Shipping and handling are additional.

  • Lasting Comfort – Made of Lightweight solid materials (Weighs 6.9oz), soft protein earpads, adjustable headband
  • Each headphone comes preloaded with one of our Surgical Serenity playlists
  • Build-in 400mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours music play time
  • Powerful 40mm stereo driver that aims to deliver you superior sound quality
  • Headphones include: Cordless Headphones, USB Cord, and instructions for use

Memory Care and Lullaby playlists are also available.

Each headphone will contain a single 50-minute playlist that repeats continuously for eight hours or until the music is manually stopped by the listener.

Our Headphones are “Surgery Ready!” Your music will arrive on high-quality, self-contained, cordless headphones that are already pre-loaded with your surgical music. Our headphones rest gently on the ears with lightweight foam pads. They fit over the ears from behind so that patients can recline without feeling them or having them fall off. Just unpack and you are ready to listen!

No hassle of earbuds that may fall out.

No wires or cords to get in the doctor’s way.

Listen to a patient waking up from hip surgery after using our pre-loaded headphones.

Surgical Serenity Solutions Guarantee

We stand behind our products 100%. We test each one before it is shipped but we also understand that from time to time a problem may occur. We will be happy to fix the situation if one of our products is damaged or not working properly.

We will replace or repair the defective product with a smile. However, we cannot be held accountable for any damages that occur in your possession. Get more info here.


25 headphones with 50 pairs of disposable headphone earpiece covers
$6,250 plus shipping & handling

You can order additional sets of 25 headphones by clicking the Plus sign to increase your order.

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Disposable sanitary earpiece covers:
$50 per bag of 50 pair — $97 for 3 bags

1 bag ($50):


3 bags ($97):

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