Dr Cash’s new book, Having Surgery? Using Music to Reduce Anxiety and Pain Perception¬†is now available in e-book format here.

preparing for surgery

The book provides videos of actual patients, who have used her method, telling their stories of less anxiety, less medication, shorter procedures and hospitalizations, and happier patient satisfaction. The pre-loaded headphones are in use around the world. And now Dr Cash has created 5 mobile apps so that patients can simply download this well-researched and powerful music to engage rhythmic entrainment.
The book includes stories of heart bypass surgery, pacemaker implantation, hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, C-section, cataract surgery, and dental procedures. There is even a story of a patient with an abdominal aeortic aneurysm whose procedure turned out better than he every expected.

The book is divided into three sections with the first section being directed to the anxious patient, the second section focuses on clinical research studies that have done on music with surgery and a detailed explanation of rhythmic entrainment and how it works during surgery. The third section focuses on how hospitals, ASCs and dental facilities can benefit from offering this to their patients and greatly improve patient satisfaction.

This book provides much-needed information for the patient, the doctor, and for hospital administrators and an intervention that a few have known about but until personal listening devices were available through Bluetooth technology, were not available to everyone. This book will make you want to talk to your physician or dentist immediately about using the right music, during your next anxiety-provoking procedure.