Founder: Alice Hudnall Cash, Ph.D., LCSW

Dr. Alice Cash is one of the world’s few clinical musicologists. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, she brings to her work over 40 years of professional experience as a college professor, clinical therapist, solo and chamber music performer and composer.

Since 1990, Dr. Cash has been in the field of Music Medicine and conducted clinical research at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, under the guidance of Dr. Joel Elkes, Dr. Leah Dickstein, and Dr. Rif El-Mallakh.  Her clinical work at the University of Louisville lead to her career in music medicine.

In addition to her work with the University of Louisville, Dr. Cash lead the development of using music a hospital setting at Baptist East Hospital, Louisville, KY. She has founded 3 companies: Healing Music Enterprises, Surgical Serenity Solutions and Crescent Hill Counseling.

In 2008, Dr. Cash received a United States patent on her unique process for using music in the perioperative process. Today her pre-programmed headphones are being used in leading hospitals in the U.S. and other countries.

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“Dr. Alice H. has as many facets as a well cut diamond. She is an educated and experienced professional musician; as well as a well respected professional counselor and business women. I had the privilege to know Dr Alice when she first conceived of the idea to use the healing powers of music for surgery patients. My wife experienced the positive benefits of music to aid her through two complicated surgeries successfully. I recommend the power of Dr Alice’s headphones and music.”
Jack Allen SPHR, Senior Consultant and owner, JCA CONSULTING LLC

Chief Operations Officer: Aaron Drake

Highly collaborative technology leader leveraging 18 years of diverse IT experiences to identify and design solutions. Engaging and personable team leader known for aligning individual talents to organizational goals resulting in successful project completion. Recognized for inspiring team members at all levels to evaluate each project to find unique solutions.

International Sales: Dr. Yasser Nawara

Dr. Yasser Nawara graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University in December 1993.  He has completed his internship program on December 1994, and joined the Internal Medicine residency program (with a cardiology subspecialty) in Cairo University / MOH hospitals till the end of 1996. He has more than twenty years of cumulative experiences in Clinical Medicine, Clinical Governance/Leadership, Clinical Risk Management, Hospital Management, Performance Improvement, Healthcare Research, Health Systems Statistics, Accreditation Preparation, Information Management, in addition to ongoing Education and Training of Clinical Staff.

As of 2016 Dr. Nawara is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) with more than 30 CME completed online courses from Harvard Medical School. In September 2016 he has joined the MEJA Group-US as Independent Contractor Associate & VP of International Operations.  In August 2018, he joined the team at Surgical Serenity Solutions, he has joined Surgical Serenity as an International Sales Agent with a focus on the Middle East and African markets.

Medical Device Advisor: Todd Staples

TAS HeadshotTodd Staples is a medical device sales and marketing consultant, strategic marketing team leader, and has held various titles throughout his career in sales all contributing greatly to the breadth and depth of his experience.  A former US Marine serving during the Desert Shield/Storm conflict, Todd returned home after two tours overseas and left military service.  Within a few short years he earned his B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the University of California at San Diego, and began working as a researcher first at the Salk Institute and then at Scripps Research Institute in San Diego.  Research in a lab wasn’t a very good match for Todd and the clinical applications for new technology in the medical field was a very attractive field because it gave him an opportunity to serve once again, but more so this time because he really could make a difference and see the results every day.  Since then Todd has spent 16 years in this industry many of the giants including Pfizer, Stryker, Covidien, Hill Rom, Moog Medical, and Teleflex Medical.  In 2012 TASSMA was formed as a private venture to focus entirely on small startups and their strategic sales channel objectives.  Todd began working with Dr. Cash as an advisor in late 2012 and was has enjoyed guiding the journey as business goals and objectives have come into focus and new markets have been developed around the Cloud Kit concept.  Todd is a big proponent of the Surgical Serenity Solution and believes that every hospital will be using musical “entrainment” in the near future.

Advisor: Dr. Crystal Sahner: Health Psychology and Music Therapy

CrystalDr Crystal Sahner holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Psychology and an undergraduate degree in music therapy from DePaul University in Chicago.  She has been an advisor to Surgical Serenity Solutions since 2005.  Dr. Sahner has a clinical private practice in Louisville, KY.

Who is Surgical Serenity Solutions?

Surgical Serenity Solutions was founded by Dr. Alice Cash, clinical musicologist, therapist, and concert pianist.  A clinical researcher at the University of Louisville School of Medicine during the ‘90’s, her clinical work at the University of Louisville led to her career in Music Medicine. 

In 2008, she received a US patent on her unique process for using music in the perioperative period. Today, her solutions are used by leading hospitals, plastic surgery practices and patients in the US and around the world.