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Teenage angst

Maybe some soothing music would help

You just never know, do you?  This morning I got an email that I truly was not expecting.  Since hospitals became my target market, I expect to get emails, and orders from hospitals, surgery centers, and dental practices.  I do not expect to hear from juvenile detention centers.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m truly thrilled!

Soothing, serene, calming, and comforting music is ALWAYS good for people who are experiencing anxiety and emotional pain. We’ve all been teenagers and it can be wonderful, but can also be painful.  Teenagers can make some serious mistakes and of course, they can also do amazing and fantastic things. That’s the human condition.

And music affects everyone, even though musical taste may differ greatly between age groups and backgrounds.  Of course teenagers typically like very different types of music from grownups, it is an indisputable fact that calm, serene music tends to slow and calm a person of any age.

The facility that just ordered a large quantity of headphones is clearly aware of this and has maybe even read the study from a many years ago in which a city with high crime rates put speakers in a parking lot where drug deal often went down. The speakers broadcast Mozart and other classical music around the clock and crime rates went down significantly.

Music can be used to positively manipulate mood

There’s also a beautiful scene in the Movie “The Shawshank Redemption” in which the wrongly imprisoned man manages to get in the control booth at the prison yard and broadcasts a recording of a beautiful operatic aria. The prisoners who are out in the exercise yard immediately stop what they’re doing and start moving silently in slow motion. Slow, serene, and beautiful music does this to people!  Music has been used for thousands of years to manipulate the moods of crowds and individuals.

Mood music over the past thousand years

  • Music was played before soldiers went into battle to raise their energy level to a fever pitch and make them feel powerful.
  • Lovers often have “their song” that they associate with their early special moments and that they love to dance to, and put on for a romantic dinner.
  • Mothers sing to their newborn infants, even before birth they begin singing sweet and gently lullabies and continue singing these through childhood and beyond.
  • Music is a part of nearly every religious or spiritual community.  Chanting has been a part of rituals for thousands of years and helps people feel connected to each other as well as to a common cause.  Same with hymns and songs of praise. Although there are communities that don’t use instruments, the voice is always used for songs and chants.
  • Think about the “Pep Bands” that are used in high schools and colleges during sporting events. What would the game be without the stirring music of the pep band and the cheerleaders working the crowd into a frenzy?


My wish for the adolescents at this detention facility is that they will be able to find a place of peace within themselves so that they can learn new ways to solve their problems and find strength and abilities within themselves that they never knew that they had.

But the process will begin with them finding themselves in a quiet place and putting on the Serenity headphones just to see what this is all about. Sending my thoughts and prayers to each adolescent!

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