Anesthesia and the Elderly


Anesthesia management in the elderly can be a life and death matter. This patient was a customer of mine and had had a very negative experience in the past with anesthesia. She told me that “they almost couldn’t wake me up last time and I’ve just found that I must have hip replacement surgery and I am so scared to go under anesthesia again.”

How Surgical Serenity music works

When I explained the effectiveness of our Surgical Serenity Solutions music and how it works to stabilize the heart-beat and breathing with the slow and steady music, she immediately said that she would like to try this.

It’s interesting how fear will motivate you to try things that can save your life. And in the elderly, it’s very common for anesthesia to be a major complication to an otherwise safe surgery.  Of course, a skilled anesthesiologist will monitor carefully how the patient is doing during a surgical procedure but in the case of this patient, she had gone through her previous surgery safely but then had major and unexpected difficulty waking up from the procedure.

What the Doctor Said

The patient was told that she should definitely avoid any unnecessary surgery but her mobility was being so affected by her arthritic hip, she knew that she HAD to get the hip replaced.

Fast forward a few weeks later, her hip surgery was a total success, she wore the Surgical Serenity Solutions pre-loaded headphones and chose to listen to the classical playlist. She gave me a glowing review of her procedure, but I thought this video of her talking before the surgery might actually help people who would relate to what she is saying as she is waiting for the surgery to happen.

New uses for Surgical Serenity headphones

Surgical Serenity Solutions is getting in more and more hospitals every day and is now being used in the ICU, labor and delivery, and many other areas of the hospital. Please consider using these with your medical or dental procedure.  Order HERE!