New Uses for Serenity Solution Headphones: Parathyroid Surgery

SSS in perioperative thyroid surgery

Patient before parathyroid surgery

Our Surgical Serenity Headphones have been used for so many different surgeries but this week a new one came to my attention:  parathyroid surgery.  This patient is a 67 y.o. lady with an impressive athletic career.  She has been winning trophies and medals for decades, but recently, in the course of some routine blood work, it was discovered that one of the parathyroid glands was malfunctioning and needed to be removed.

Of course, she wanted to use the Surgical Serenity Solutions headphones that she had bought several years ago for another surgery and had a positive experience. She told me that she has used them along and along for bouts of insomnia and stress, but that surgery is what she wanted to use them for primarily since she is very sensitive to anesthesia and wanted no more than absolutely necessary.

Since this was a new procedure, she checked in advance with the the surgeon and explained that these headphones were created specifically for surgery and are in use at Cleveland Clinic, as well as Mayo, Johns Hopkins, and VA Hospitals around the country!  The surgeon gave the green light and she prepared for her parathyroid surgery.

As fate would have it, things did not go exactly as planned!  The surgery started an hour later than scheduled, but patients said that she needed to anxiety meds while waiting because she had her headphones on and just closed her eyes and enjoyed the music while waiting to be called back.

Once it started, it took a little longer than anticipated because they decided to take part of her thyroid gland as well.  Of course she was asleep when that decision was made, but she reports she was so glad NOT to hear the conversation that went on about whether to remove part of the thyroid or not.

Surgical Serenity Solutions with parathyroid surgery

Patient after parathyroid surgery

Patient has been instructed to get lots of rest and not work out for a couple of weeks and she is OK with that.  This is the message friends:  even when you are super healthy and feeling no pain, a simple blood test can reveal a process going on in your body that you knew nothing about.  Be prepared!  These amazing headphones can be shipped to you overnight and they have been studies and tested in major hospitals around the country.  You can get your own set for under $100!  Go NOW to  





Have YOU heard about Heart Surgery with Music


There are hundreds of different surgeries that a human can undergo, but one of the most frequently performed is surgery on the heart.  According to one hospital site:

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is the most common type of heart surgery. CABG       improves blood flow to the heart. Surgeons useCABG to treat people who have severe coronary heart disease (CHD). CHD is a disease in which a waxy substance called plaque (plak) builds up inside the coronary arteries.

An earlier version of our headphones was used for CABG in 1994 in Greenville, SC at Greenville Memorial Hospital.  The patient was a 69-year old woman, with no known history of heart disease.  This woman was my mother and she was honestly not that enthusiastic about using music with her surgery.  She really was quite frightened about whether or not she would even wake up from the surgery.  After much reassurance that the music chosen for her would actually improve her chances of waking up.  Even in 1994, the cardiac surgeon had no problem letting her take the headphones into surgery and said anything he could do to improve her chances of a successful surgery and a good recovery.

My mother had 5  by-passes in her heart and was in surgery for hours.  When the surgery finally came to the waiting room and told my father and me that we could come back to recovery, we didn’t know what we might find.  I fully expected her to be still sleeping and not able to talk, but to my surprise, when she saw me, she seemed to perk up.  Then, the spoke weakly, but enthusiastically, “Oh Alice, the music was beautiful!!  I’m so glad that I had that the entire time and I will never have surgery again without this music!”

No one was more surprised than I!  This was over 20 years ago, and she’s 89 years old and doing quite well.  She has had other surgeries since them including a serious hernia operation and hip replacement, but every time she has had the Serenity Headphones and she loves to tell everyone about her experience.


Music during surgery: Why???


This is an excerpt from a guest lecture I gave at a major University in the South. People around the world are realizing the benefits that music for the patient during surgery can offer. Reduced amounts of anesthesia and pain medication can greatly speed up recovery time and make the entire procedure safer as a result of less anesthesia. Especially for older adults, frail adults and all children, the less anesthesia your body has to have the better! Of course the patient will be receiving enough that there is no pain or awareness of the procedure. To learn more about the use of music headphones, click on this link.

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