Which Do You Prefer?


Are you a fan of mobile apps?  I don’t know how I could get along without them!  But for surgery?? People have been suggesting to me for 5-6 years now, that we put our Surgical Serenity playlists on an app.  I was reluctant to do this because I really believe in the simple convenience of having the best music on a device that had no cords hanging down and would allow our powerful, therapeutic music to be immediately available to the patient in a simple and easy to deliver format!

BUT, time marches on, and after the 100th (at least) person mentioned it yet again, I thought “Ok, there must be something I’m missing about this but let’s give it a try!  The way I understand it, in order to use this music, it must be downloaded on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.  Now those particular devices on known to be pretty germ-y!  Especially the iPhone!  Do we really want to be taking something like that into surgery?  But now I’m thinking that the music can also be streamed by bluetooth so that each OR can have a couple of pair of nice blue tooth headphones and a subscription to our five playlists.

I guess that there are many ways to handle this and each hospital will have to decide what works best for them.  I would love to sell just the five playlists in a digital subscription to hospitals but I’m not sure what the best way to do that might be.  And so, I am soliciting your feedback!  We are going through a beta-testing process right now and are looking for more beta-testers!  If you have a smartphone and are willing to listen to our music and give us some valuable feedback, please answer in the comments here with your email, name, and whether you have an iPhone or Android.  We’d also appreciate knowing a little bit about you, but you certainly don’t have to be a musician, a music therapy, or an anesthesiologist!

Thanks for your help and, as always, enjoy your favorite music every day!!