How soon should you talk with doctor?


If you have just been told that you are going to need surgery, there probably is a 50/50 chance that you knew this already.  But if it comes as a total surprise, you may be a bit numb at first and feel confused and even panicky.  No one wants to have surgery.  Even people who choose elective surgery, like plastic surgery, would prefer to have someone give them a pill or better yet, wave a magic wand!!

So, now you know you must have surgery.  You’ve heard that listening to music through headphones during surgery can greatly reduce the amount of anesthesia, pain medication and other meds by up to 50%!!  How soon do you mention this to your physician?

I wish there were an easy answer to this.  It could depend on how familiar your doctor is with this concept.

 Many surgeons today are quite familiar with people taking their own favorite relaxing music into the OR because there has been so much publicity about this phenomenon and the many ways that it can help during surgery.  Unfortunately, there are some surgeons that are not aware of these benefits and are not willing to even discuss it.

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Even if it turns out that you’re not allowed to use music during your surgery, you can still benefit from listening to music through headphones before the procedure, in the recovery room and after you return home.  Here’s to your good health and your speedy recovery!