Headphones for the patient?


Headphones for the patient undergoing surgery is a must!  Why has it taken so long for the medical/surgical community to realize this?  Surgeons have been using music for themselves, assuming that if the patient enjoys it, that would be nice, but not medically significant.  Has there been a misunderstanding?  No, I think it’s a matter of educating the patients, the doctors, and the hospital administrators.  Surgeons have been choosing their preferred music in the OR for many decades now.  Patients and administrators have assumed that the music would also be effective for them, especially since they would be asleep for most of that time.

But is that really the case?  NO.  When music is being played ambiently in the OR, through speakers on a nearby table or counter, speakers in the wall or ceiling, the patients may vaguely hear that music, but they also hear the conversations, the sounds of surgery (which might include drilling, sawing, and hammering!) and the beeping of various monitors in the OR!  This is not soothing for the patient.

After over a decade of research, and patient/staff accounts, we know for sure, that when the patient puts on cordless, lightweight headphones that are pre-programmed with soothing, slow and rhythmic music, they do better.  Why?  Because the music that has been chosen is the ideal music to engage rhythmic entrainment and place the patient in a “sonic cocoon.”  This keeps that patients heartrate and breathing synchronized to the music, and outside conversation and noises do not penetrate the patient’s consciousness.

We are excited about our new headphone model that is priced so that the hospital can GIVE each surgical patient a headphone to take home with them.  Our initial efforts are focusing on hospitals that have multiple facilities around the country, but if you would like us to talk with administrators at your hospital, just let us know, and we’d be happy to set up an initial call!!


New Hospital Program planned for Surgical Headphones


For the past 5 years we have been marketing our surgical  headphones primarily to individuals who are preparing for surgery.  After selling hundreds of these clinically and scientifically proven headphones with our proprietary music on them, we have decided to also have a different headphone that we will market to hospitals.  The new headphones is intended to be given or issued to each surgical patient for them to keep and take home to continue using in their recovery.

We have put thousands of hours into this process and are excited to reveal that we are getting really close to having this new surgical headphone ready to provide to hospitals!  With concerns about infection-control at an all-time high, many hospitals don’t want to re-use anything that they can make disposable.  Although we wouldn’t call this new surgical headphone disposable, we do believe that the new price will allow hospitals to give all surgical patients their own surgical headphone and in addition, patients will have at least four different playlists to choose from.

When we went to the AORN conference in Denver in 2015, this nurse from Johns Hopkins hospital was extremely enthusiastic about our surgical headphones!

Of course we will keep selling our premium surgical headphone will 4 GB of memory and a battery life of 20-24 hours.  We anticipate that dentists will buy these because they can more safely re-use them, as well as cosmetic surgery practices where price restrictions are not so intense.  To order these, just go to www.SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com.  We look forward to providing our proven surgical headphones to all patients preparing for surgery!


Research study on Surgical Serenity Solution slated for publication


Anyone who works in the medical field or deals with any kind of medical procedure or device, knows how very important it is to document scientifically that the device works as all of the claims say it does.  For the past almost five years, a study has been in progress at the VA hospital here in Louisville, KY, on our Surgical Serenity headphones.  The study was a double-blind study with a music group and a control group.  At this point, I’m not free to divulge the details, but they are very positive and exciting!  Once our study is published, then we are hoping to get lots of publicity and news articles in medical journals and media of all kinds.

Before we began creating this amazing process, we knew that there was already ample research documenting not only the benefits of music in surgery, but also documenting the many ways that music affects the mind and body.  To me it was a fairly short step to apply the process of rhythmic entrainment to the relaxation response.  Then the idea of having cordless (not wireless!) headphones that could be pre-programmed with the ideal music to elicit the relaxation response through rhythmic entrainment was the gift that popped into my head.

The next step was patenting my idea and the steps to the process.  Although there have been hundreds of subsequent steps, we felt that having an official scientific study would be critical to having our Surgical Serenity Solution taken seriously by medical professionals.  While we have waited for the study to be completed, we have sold the headphones to individuals around the world and gotten lots of great feedback and suggestions.

There are different versions and different playlists in the pipeline but we need to have a few secrets and surprises for you!  Stay tuned for the next exciting updates!

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