A True Story of Music and Surgery!


Here is what I did to improve
my heart surgery experience …

… And Recover In LESS Time!

I fear going to the doctor. When I got married, I couldn’t even look at the nurse that did my blood test. A routine physical exam would leave me in a cold sweat and completely worn-out.

My dislike of the doctor’s office, the trip to the dentist, or a hospital visit was solved by “I just didn’t go to those places very often.” My health care system was based on “Denial of Need.” I would tell my wife:

          “I don’t need to do that.”  
          “I don’t feel that bad.”
          “I just need more sleep.”

The “Denial” system worked well when I was 21. I had no major medical situations when I was 31 or 41 or even 51. I was living a healthy life-style; I never had to spend the night in the hospital; I never had surgery.

At age 53, and over the next 10 years, my healthcare needs increased. I had a heart attack, open heart surgery, cardiac failure, and this year I had surgery to implant a defibrillator pacemaker. Turns out my family has a history of heart problems and my baby-boomer life-style wasn’t as healthy as I thought.

Am I still nervous or afraid of hospitals after 3 major surgeries and 4 hospital stays — Yes, but let me tell you what I did to improve my surgery experience:   Read More