Surgery with Music Blog Series, Day 5: Preparing to have surgery with music


Tomorrow I am having surgery.  Am I anxious and afraid of experiencing pain?  The answer is absolutely “YES!”  Who can bravely walk into a surgery facility without their heart racing and their mind going through a list of “what-ifs?”  Not me.  Of course I trust my doctor to know exactly what she’s doing.  Of course I want my vision to be lots better because it has seriously deteriorated recently.

So how am I preparing for my cataract surgery?  I am literally doing everything possible to make sure that my experience tomorrow goes as smoothly as possible and that my 24 hours of complete rest and inactivity is as pleasant as possible.  I’ve been cleaning the house like crazy so that when I’m lying on the couch my view will be calm and pleasant.  I’ve bought some of my favorite simple to digest foods, like eggs and simple soups, yogurt and good bread.  Of course I have lots of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

But the biggest thing will be the music that I take with me.  Of course I have lots of choices.  I have both models of our Surgical Serenity Solutions headphones with our classical playlist pre-loaded onto the headphones.  They will play continuously  for 8-10 hours and I will put them on as soon as I check in at the surgery center tomorrow morning at 7 a.m.  I will be working on this blog post throughout the day to document to you and for myself, how my feelings go through this day.

It’s now almost 3:30 PM EST and I’m going to have to finish this post up.  I still have 3 Therapy sessions to conduct today with other people and I want to get to bed by 10 PM in order to be at the Surgery Center tomorrow by 7:15 AM.  I will make an actual video of myself now, explaining the two pre-loaded models of headphones available as will as showing how the mobile app works with Bluetooth headphones.  If possible, I will do a live video from the pre-op area tomorrow but probably not the cataract procedure room and almost certainly not from the recovery area. Please say a prayer for me tonight for calm and serenity both tonight and healing for tomorrow.  The Dr will be inserting a tri-focal lens into each eye after removing the cataract.