Music in the Ambulatory Surgical Center


Anesthesia + music through headphones

Dr. Cash at BeckersASC conference in Chicago

I have just returned from a wonderful conference on Ambulatory Surgery Centers!  You know, the free-standing surgery centers that are springing up around the world to do smaller procedures such as cataract surgery, colonoscopies, and now, even joint replacements?

We have several here in Louisville and when I found out that they are usually less expensive for the patient, and have fewer restrictions (sometimes, depending on how successful they are) on expenditures.  I thought it would be a grand idea to go to this big conference in Chicago, called BeckersASC conference.

I decided to take 5 of my new “patient model” headphones with me to Chicago to give to companies and surgery centers that demonstrated a strong and sincere interest in our product.  Needless to say there was so many seriously interested companies and doctors and nurses that I gave them away quickly!  Unlike other conferences I’ve been to, this conference had many, many wonderful tracks of presentations and the people that were most receptive and enthusiastic, were the presenters at these conferences!

I learned so much about the medical side and the business side of these ambulatory surgery centers and our pre-programmed headphones fit beautifully into both sides.  The neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons thought this was a wonderful idea from the standpoint of patient anxiety and pain levels.  On the business/regulatory side of things, everyone concerned remarked that HIPAA was probably being violated with patients in these centers being separated only by a thin curtain.

I know this from personal experience recently I took  a friend for cataract surgery at the ambulatory center here.  While being prepped for surgery and in the recovery area, I could hear every word that was being said to the patients on either side of him.  He could not hear, because he had the Surgical Serenity headphones on!  When I mentioned this at the surgery center, they all nodded in agreement and admitted that it probably is a violation.

Dozens of physicians and anesthesia companies said that they will be in touch!  I’ll keep you posted!


More about the Cloud Kits


The Cloud Kit openbox

The Cloud Kit for hospitals

As the Cloud Kit is beginning to get some traction in hospitals around the country, I’d like to share more about the Cloud Kit.  Like all of our Surgical Serenity Solutions products, the Cloud Kit was intended to be used in the Surgical Suite.  The benefit of the Cloud Kit over individual headphones is that you have 10 ready-to-go, fully charged headsets, all in one place, and with disposable earpiece covers available in a dispenser on the side.

The headphones sit on a USB hub that keeps them charged.  These are the premium, hospital model that will play for 20-24 hours continuously.  The playlist is a little over 90 minutes and loops continuously.

Currently the Cloud Kit is being used at major hospitals in Florida, Cleveland, California and soon Texas and Chicago!!  Although created for surgery, doctors, dentists, and nurses have quickly recognized all of the other possible uses for these ingenious headphones.  The Cloud Kit is being used with a chemotherapy department at one hospital, pain management research at another, endoscopy suite and ambulatory surgery at another.

Many hospitals have purchased individual headphones to use through the entire hospitals such as the Veteran’s Hospital here in Louisville, which purchased 100 individual headphones!  Then there are the individual patients that have purchased headphones for their surgery, labor and delivery, dental procedure or whatever.

In terms of the music, it’s important to remember that the music is NOT for entertainment purposes!  The whole point of the pre-loaded music is to have music which engages RHYTHMIC ENTRAINMENT in the patient.  When this happens, the patient is quickly calmed by the slow, steady, soothing tempo of this music.  Currently it is classical piano music which lulls the patient into a state in which the vital signs of heartbeat, pulse, blood pressure and breathing are stabilized and balanced by our proprietary music.  Of course this process works with the brain to balance both hemispheres, through the corpus collosum!  Once the Surgical Serenity Solution is in more hospitals, we will create more playlists in other genres, as music that engages rhythmic entrainment can be found or created in any genre.  Stay tuned!  Exciting times!