What are some of the surgeries that our headphones have been used with successfully?

Patients wearing our headphones

Patients wearing our headphones

This is a questions that I’m frequently asked when people are planning to use music with their surgery.  The concept of using music during surgery is still a very new concept and many patients are confused about whether it is primarily for them or for the doctor.

Of course, one of the BIG benefits of the Surgical Serenity Solution is that both patient and doctor can each have their ideal, preferred type of music!  Usually the surgeon wants music that is

*  Energetic

*  Familiar

*   Upbeat

*  Positive

The patient needs music that is

*  Calm

*  Slow and Steady

*  Purely instrumental

*   Unfamiliar

So why does the patient need unfamiliar music and the surgeon gets to use familiar favorites?  Primarily because the surgeon is wide-awake, needing to focus and aware of what music does that for him.  The patient, on the other hand, needs to brought down in energy level, consciousness, and awareness of surroundings.  Something slow, steady and soothing will best do that; and because music is so often associated with specific events and people, we need to choose music that is not widely known and associated with pop culture or well-known events.

The music that we use on our pre-programmed, cordless headphones is classical music that the average person will not know.  In all the hundreds of people that have used the headphones, only one person at the last minute had a negative association and asked that headphones be removed.

We do have samples on our sales pages that give you a representative sample of what our music sounds like.  See  http://www.surgicalserenity.com/purchase.htm

So, back to the question “what surgeries have successfully incorporated the use of music through Surgical Serenity Headphones?”  So far we’ve been present for:

Abdominal Aortic Anerysm


Labor and Delivery

Heart by-pass surgery

Pacemaker implantation

Knee replacement

Hip replacement

Breast cancer surgery

Lung cancer surgery

Root canal surgery

Dental crowns

Dental cavities


Shoulder replacement surgery

Hernia repair and tummy tuck

Hand surgery

and many, many more!

If YOU are having surgery and want to ask questions before buying, please contact me through my website or this blog.  Thank you!!



Music with Surgery Case History #4: 61-year old female with hand surgery


Waiting for hand surgery, her 50th surgery in lifetime.

This patient was a 61 year-old female with a long history of chronic pain, resulting from a degenerative bone disease and dozens of resulting surgeries.  She is the unfortunate victim of a herditary disease, which she inherited from both sides of the family.  The condition, unique to people to Scandinavian heritage, in which the bones in the body simply begin to soften and deteriorate internally.  This patient had undergone 49 surgeries prior to this one, on nearly every possible area of her body.  In addition, she was a professional musician who had retired at least 20 years previously because of her bone disease and frequent surgeries.  Patient was on large amounts of chronic pain medication and not a good candidate for general anesthesia, and yet, this was what her hand surgeon was about to use with her.  When she discovered the Surgical Serenity Headphones, she was ecstatic!  After some conversation and a consult, we decided that she would be an ideal candidate and she ordered them! Because she was in Louisville, I went down to the hospital and was able to assist her in getting the headphones on correctly and the volume adjusted because she had to remove her hearing aids for the surgery. At that moment pain reported that she was feeling calmer than usual and that she believed the headphones and beautiful music were the main contributors to that.  Here is what she wrote to me after the surgery: “Dr. Cash, I cannot tell you what a difference your Serenity Headphones made to me during this 51st surgery of my life!   After putting them on that morning in the pre-surgery area, I began listening and was able to pretty much ignore all the hustle and bustle going on around me.  I was put into a another dimension, it seemed, where all was beautiful and soothing and I did not feel afraid.  After they had wheeled me into surgery, I was conscious but groggy.  I went to sleep lstening to the beautiful music and, next thing I knew, I was waking up in the recovery area and the music was still playing.  This was something brand-new because I actually woke up to the music and was not aware of pain until much later, and even then, the pain was quite tolerable. I believe that the music kept me from tightening up my muscles, as I usually do without realizing it, and let the medications work faster and easier because they didn’t have to fight my clenched hands and arms and shoulders.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?!  Anyway, thank you so very much for creating something that will help me from now on and will also hopefully, help millions of other surgery patients in the years to come!” Sincerely, Sheryl S.Louisville, KY

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