Emergency surgery for a retinal tear

after the cataract surgery

Surgery with the use of Surgical Serenity music throughout

Recently a dear friend went to his ophthalmologist because of a problem with his left eye and a sudden gray fog that appeared.  He was really not expecting it to be a big deal, but when the Dr finally got a good look, he said “you need emergency surgery! you have a retinal tear (torn retina).” This was 9:30 in the morning and he finally found an available retinal surgeon that afternoon at 5 PM. What an ordeal!!

No one knows what causes a retinal tear, or a detached retina, or a macular hole, but when these things happen, it’s an emergency and our feelings and emotions start working overtime. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, but taking pills and liquids is not the only solution.  Healing music is!!  Of course the  therapeutic music is not going to “cure” anything, but the right music can definitely ameliorate the symptoms by calming the body and reducing anxiety and pain perception.

Our surgical headphones have been accompanying patients into surgery since 2009 and we are now the biggest producer of surgical headphones in the world. You can read and view some of our patient testimonials at www.SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com/testimonials. Our soothing, therapeutic music makes SUCH a difference that patients and physicians are usually quite surprised.

This is not just any relaxing music.  We have specifically tested and chosen music in 5 distinct genres that begins to calm and soothe the patient as soon as they put on our lightweight, cordless headphones. Dr. Cash is a concert pianist, a clinical social worker, and a clinical musicologist with 33 years experience in the medical field.

Our music is played on acoustic instruments (except for the New Age playlist) and performed by professionals, dedicated to our mission of providing therapeutic music for surgical patients to ease their anxiety and their pain perception.

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Give your patients the gift of soothing, therapeutic music and the likelihood of less medication and a faster recovery! Surgical Headphones