Research study on Surgical Serenity Solution slated for publication


Anyone who works in the medical field or deals with any kind of medical procedure or device, knows how very important it is to document scientifically that the device works as all of the claims say it does.  For the past almost five years, a study has been in progress at the VA hospital here in Louisville, KY, on our Surgical Serenity headphones.  The study was a double-blind study with a music group and a control group.  At this point, I’m not free to divulge the details, but they are very positive and exciting!  Once our study is published, then we are hoping to get lots of publicity and news articles in medical journals and media of all kinds.

Before we began creating this amazing process, we knew that there was already ample research documenting not only the benefits of music in surgery, but also documenting the many ways that music affects the mind and body.  To me it was a fairly short step to apply the process of rhythmic entrainment to the relaxation response.  Then the idea of having cordless (not wireless!) headphones that could be pre-programmed with the ideal music to elicit the relaxation response through rhythmic entrainment was the gift that popped into my head.

The next step was patenting my idea and the steps to the process.  Although there have been hundreds of subsequent steps, we felt that having an official scientific study would be critical to having our Surgical Serenity Solution taken seriously by medical professionals.  While we have waited for the study to be completed, we have sold the headphones to individuals around the world and gotten lots of great feedback and suggestions.

There are different versions and different playlists in the pipeline but we need to have a few secrets and surprises for you!  Stay tuned for the next exciting updates!