Day 3 of Surgical Serenity Solutions Blog Series: Benefits of headphones during surgery


Thanks for staying with me on our 30-day blog series and welcome to Day 3.  Yesterday we talked about the benefits of music for calming anxiety and decreasing pain perception.  Today I want to talk about the huge benefit of delivering this music through headphones.  You might be surprised to know that every day, there are a few unfortunate people who wake up from general anesthesia, reporting that they heard conversations of the medical staff during their procedure.  Admittedly, it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it can be quite upsetting.

We all want to think that the staff is focusing 100% on us and our procedure, but patients awaken saying that they heard not only conversations about what the staff had for breakfast or lunch, but sometimes conversations about “last night’s date!”  Even worse, I think, are the conversations about the patient himself that are not always positive.  Or conversations about surgical outcomes that are not going to be positive.

This is one of the main reasons that allowing the patient to have his own music coming through headphones is so important.  Not only do the headphones allow the music to go straight to the brain, through the eighth cranial nerve, but the headphones also block conversations in the operating room that the patient does NOT want or need to hear.

Listen to this patient, still in the hospital after his surgery, tell how his headphones during surgery experienced went!

Finally, more and more surgeons choose the music that THEY want to hear during surgery.  More often than not, this music is upbeat and not at all the soothing, slow, steady music that the patient needs.  When the patient is having their ideal music delivered through headphones, the surgeon can listen to whatever he wants and then everybody is happy.

Surgical Serenity has created cordless headphones that are pre-programmed with the ideal music, OR you can download our apps on Apple or Google Play.  Just go to and choose the genre that most appeals to you.  Then get your bluetooth headphones or ear-buds, and you’re ready to go!!

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Choosing the best music for the patient having surgery

music can be heard while under anesthesia

Patient sleeping after Propofol

In June of 2019, the use of music for the patient having surgery is an accepted and proven-effective idea!  Study after study has come out, documenting the benefits of music for the patient and especially, music through headphones for the patient DURING the actual surgical procedure.  Why?  Because also in June of 2019, music for the SURGEON is also commonplace and is more often the norm than the exception.

Dozens of patients have awakened from surgery and reported to me that they had heard the conversations of the people in the operating room and many of them, found it to be disconcerting at the least, and insulting, at the worst!  Patients also report that the doctor was playing music that they didn’t care for and, on top of their anxiety and fear, it was just too much.

That is why we created the Surgical Serenity Solutions pre-loaded headphones and now the SSS mobile app!  All of our  music has the ability to quickly engage rhythmic entrainment, which synchronizes the patients natural body rhythms (breathing and heartbeat) to the pulse of the music.  We created this purely instrumental music in five different genres, so that there will be at least two, hour-long playlists that every patient will probably like and be very comfortable with.

And with our mobile app, the hospital can subscribe to all five playlists, or the individual patient can purchase one of more playlists for their upcoming surgical or dental procedure.  If you have an upcoming procedure, you can test our mobile app by going to and let us know what you think.  Any ideas, suggestions or criticisms would be welcome.

We are hoping to eventually create dozens of these playlists for people and cultures around the world, but we need your feedback.  The above link is for the iPhone, but if you have an Android, go to

We look forward to receiving your feedback!

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