Hospitals Using Pre-loaded Headphones for Patients Having Surgery

Over-ear headphones

These headphones can be paired with our streaming surgery playlists or be pre-loaded with one of our 5 playlists.

As the research keeps rolling in on the power of music for the patient having surgery, hospitals are beginning to invest in our pre-loaded headphones for their patients.  Probably 25-30 hospitals nationwide have invested and we are pretty sure that the number will double by the end of the year and then triple by end of 2022!

For the first decade of our product’s existence, we were primarily marketing to the patients.  Many patients from all over the world ordered the headphones for their upcoming surgery and I even wrote an article for them entitled “How to Talk to Your Dr. about using Music during Surgery.”

After about 2014 we realized that hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers were really our target market, so we began to focus on educating them about  the benefits that research was showing. Our first big sale came in summer of 2014 when we sold 100 headphones to a Veteran’s Hospital in Kentucky.  Then, one by one, hospitals began popping up in other states that wanted to try our pre-loaded headphones with their surgery patients. The results were always outstanding and now we also have the 5 mobile app playlists that can be used with bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

Our goal eventually is to license this music to hospitals and surgery centers around the world and let hospitals buy the bluetooth or pre-loaded headphones of their choice.  We are working on creating more playlists in more genres but for now, we have our five basic genres:  Classical, Jazz, New Age, Lullabies, and Memory Care.  To download any of these, go to  

We also have a book about Music with Surgery for patients and physicians alike.  This book informs about how music works on the mind-body to reduce anxiety and pain perception and can be purchase at

I absolutely believe that music through headphones for the patient will one day be standard procedure in every hospital on the planet.  Why not get YOUR hospital on board now? Hospitals can go to .

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments!