Surgery with Music Blog Series, Post #16: What are your options for using headphones during your surgery?


For almost 30 years now, I’ve been researching the benefits of the right music, through headphones,  during surgery.  What are the reasons for the patient having music during their surgery?  Here are a few of them:

  • Patient can have the ideal soothing, instrumental, rhythmic entrainment, music
  • Patient doesn’t hear the more upbeat music that surgeon has chosen
  • Patient enters into a sonic cocoon when putting on the headphones and begins to relax immediately
  • Patient doesn’t hear conversations in the OR that are sometimes upsetting to the patient

So where does the patient get these headphones?  There are two kinds of headphones available.  The first category is our pre-loaded headphones and inventory is extremely low because of their popularity!  These headphones can be found in two different models, one of which has a built-in MP3 player, and the other uses a built-in micro SD card.  Both of these headphones utilize the classical piano playlist, but any playlist can be loaded to it and we have 4 other playlists, perfectly suited for surgery (or dental procedures, medical test, or any anxiety-provoking procedure.)

Here is a picture of a patient wearing the pre-loaded headphones.  You can tell that he is perfectly comfortable and in the “sonic cocoon” that I mentioned earlier. As you can see also he is having a dental procedure.  Dental procedures are especially unpopular for most people because you never know when a nerve or sensitive area will be hit, accidentally of course.  Most people sit in the dental chair, gripping the chair tightly and just waiting for pain to hit!



Cataract Surgery with Bluetooth headphones and Surgical Serenity Lullaby playlist

Dr Cash’s cataract surgery using Bluetooth headphones and Surgical Serenity playlist

The other choice for music through headphones during surgery, would be Bluetooth headphones (or Bluetooth ear-buds) using our 5 Mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play Store.  The apps have been out for about six months and are being downloaded all over the world!  The downside as I see it, is that the Bluetooth headphones are just a tad clunky.  I decided to try them last week during my cataract surgery.  They were effective in transporting me to that “sonic cocoon,” and blocking out the conversations around me.  They also were quite comfortable, but when I look at the picture, they do look clunky.  I suppose that something that can be lived with.  Right now, some hospitals are providing Bluetooth headphones with our playlists, especially during joint replacement surgeries.  Orthopedic surgery is especially important for headphones because during the removal of the old knee, or hip, or shoulder, there is hammering, sawing, and drilling!!

Right now I am talking with several international Bluetooth headphone manufacturers about partnering with Surgical Serenity Solutions to provided a considerable discount on their Bluetooth headphones.  Stay tuned for more new on this story as I will choose the best headphone with the very best discount for our customers.

Thanks for sticking with us during the 30-day blog post series!  Please leave your comments and forward this to your friends and family!  See you tomorrow!