Are there any drawbacks to music with surgery?


You know, I’ve asked myself that many times and I’ve talked with surgeons and anesthesiologists about it.  Very simply, the answer is no!  Music during surgery has absolutely no drawbacks but stands to improve the outcome of the surgery.  How does this happen? 

When the patients has slow, steady, purely instrumental music coming through headphones, the body’s heart-rate and breathing synchronize with the pulse of the music and keep the patients bio-rhythms slow and steady.  When this happens, the patients stays relaxed and stabilized naturally and does not require as much anesthesia during the procedure or as much pain medication afterwards.

When the patient chooses his own favorite slow, steady music and listens to that through wireless/cordless headphones, the procedure will be safer (as a result of less anesthesia) and the patient will recover faster and go home faster.  I recently got a testimonial from a patient who raves about how well his heart surgery went.  To see this video testimonial, go to

Please let me know any questions you might have!

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