Surgical Serenity Solutions Hospital Consulting is Now Open for Business!

Music Medicine in the Hospital

Dr Cash consults with hospitals around the world.

I’ve been selling pre-loaded headphones to hospitals and patients for a about 11 years now.  I’ve really learned a lot about how hospitals operate, how their purchasing departments work and especially about how excited the surgeons and anesthesiologists get when they find that there is a well-researched product that they can use in order to get better surgical outcomes using music.

But you know that this is not just any music.  While some hospitals continue to play music through speakers in the OR, many more are realizing that the patient needs to have their own slow, soothing music coming through headphones.  They have now learned about the power of rhythmic entrainment and are wanting to provide this to their patients.

This is why my Music Medicine consulting has been launched.  I am proposing to present a webinar for hospitals that will present an overview of all that Music Medicine can offer in a hospital, not only in surgery, but also in Pain Management, Labor and Delivery, Oncology, Behavioral Health and more. Hospitals can start out with one year of licensing our 5 playlists, and get 5-10 hours of consulting.

Or they could purchase 5-10 hours of consulting and get a free year of our licensed music.  I am starting out at a very reasonable price for each hospital, based on the number of beds they have.  I highly recommend starting with either Surgery or Pain Management.  Here’s the form to fill out if you are interested:

Every day, more and more research is published about the benefits of music with surgery and anesthesia.  To read some of the most recent ones, click here:

One of the things that I teach physicians and other healthcare professionals about is the difference between Music Therapy and Music Medicine.  In a nutshell, music therapy must be administered by a board-certified music therapist, who works one-on-one with the patient.  Music Medicine can be administered by any healthcare professional who understands the basics of rhythmic entrainment and musical taste.

With our five rhythmic entrainment playlists, you have three playlists for surgery, one for children, newborns and preemies, and one for patients over 70-99.  All of these playlists have been used with thousands of patients for calming effects.  They can be streamed to Bluetooth headphones or used with wired headphones and a smartphone or MP3 player.  I’m already working with hospitals around the world and am excited about creating a Music Medicine System for YOUR hospital.

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