New Uses Emerging for Surgical Serenity Headphones


New uses are emerging for Surgical Serenity Headphones.  When I had the inspiration for some pre-programmed headphones for people to wear before, during and after surgery, I was literally thinking “surgery.” And I was thinking “surgery under general anesthesia.” Since then, so many other wonderful uses have been discovered and put into use.

The first major “other” use was dentistry. The second someone asked me if they could be used at the dentist’s office, I thought “Of course! What a great idea!” Now it seems like an absolute no-brainer, but because I was working in a major med-surg hospital at that time, I was totally focused on surgery and had previously been helping surgery patients to create their own tapes and CDs.

Now, in 2017, people are using our headphones for childbirth, endoscopies, anxiety, insomnia, and fear of flying.  I am so grateful to all my readers and customers for coming to me with suggestions of other ways that the headphones could be used.  The only place that I don’t think they could be used would be a MRI machine.  Our slow, soothing music would not like be that helpful there, if you could even hear it!

In 2005, MP3s were just really beginning to take over the audio field and CDs were beginning to be old-fashioned, clunky, and unnecessary. I was attending a wonderful seminar on product innovation and information marketing with Randy Gage, Ted Nicholas, and Ian Percy, sponsored by the National Speakers Association. When the idea popped into my head to create programmable headphones with the ideal music for surgery, I barely understood what an MP3 file was!

Now we have two different pre-loaded, cordless headphones model, both extremely comfortable and able to play continuously between 8-24 hours. In addition to being full of benefits for surgery under general anesthesia, regional anesthesia or local anesthesia, patients are coming up with lots of other uses. Surgical Serenity has been successfully used for chemotherapy, radiation, ICU, CCU, Emergency Department, ambulance rides, insomnia, and of course, dental procedures of all kinds.

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