Talks with Mayo Clinic have begun!


HeadphonesHaving Surgical Serenity Solutions inside the Mayo Clinic has always been a dream of mine!  Let me start out my saying that this is not going to be a quick happening but at least it has begun!  I talked with my second “official” person at Mayo Clinic today about the possibility of getting my headphones in use there.  They are already definitely in favor of people using music before, during and after their surgery but are not aware of my self-contained, wireless, pre-programmed headphones.

The Surgery/Anesthesia staff at Mayo Clinic KNOW that music is a powerful adjunct to anesthesia and that many patients are exceptionally sensitive to even the mildest anesthesia.  The doctors that I’ve talked with there have said that from pre-op through post-op and even at home afterwards, they would love to have a way to provide the ideal music  to every patient.  In the past, patients have been allowed to bring in whatever tapes or CDs they wanted and the hospital found a number of different ways to put the music in a rubber glove, or a surgical cap, so as not to spread germs into the “sterile space.”  Of course they see the benefits of each patient having their own hospital-issued, pre-programmed, cordless headphones!

I’m awaiting calls now from two people who might be in a position to make a decision or at least a decision to gather more information.

In the meantime, if you have not seen the latest info at, please go there NOW and find out how beneficial and even potentially life-saving, music with surgery can be!

Will continue to keep you posted!