Reduce Pain and Anxiety During Surgery: A proven musical solution


Patient receiving anesthesia before surgery

Having surgery causes anxiety in most people.  Just the thought of having surgery can induce feelings of helplessness and fear that are completely understandable.  Having surgery means that there is a problem, something is not right.  Even elective surgery, like cosmetic surgery, causes considerable anxiety.  Patients experiencing anxiety related to upcoming medical/dental procedures want to avoid chemicals and the risk of addiction or negative side-effects.  Some people are extremely sensitive to anesthesia.  Perhaps they’ve already had a negative reaction to anesthesia but have been informed that they must have surgery for very valid reasons.

Medical facilities want to help patients feel less anxious

How can physicians and medical facilities help patients feel less anxious and perhaps reduce the need for anxiety medication?

A great deal of research has shown that the right kind of music can reduce anxiety and pain perception. Also, when patients are provided this music, it increases patient satisfaction with the medical procedure. Patients report that when using this music, “it made all the difference!” As you can imagine, this is a great benefit to doctors and medical facilities as well.

Hospitals have used music therapists to help patients 1:1 but music therapy can be an expensive solution. Instead, it is possible to offer patients specially chosen therapeutic music to be listened to through headphones or earbuds. This provides an inexpensive and easily scalable option.

The legal problem with streaming music to patients

There’s a legal issue about streaming music to patients. Years ago, hospitals and other medical facilities could just stream Pandora or Spotify playlists.  As of January 1, 2019, medical facilities now must have a healthcare facility license and that costs money.  We have a solution for that.  Our solution provides licenses for our scientifically curated therapeutic music that can be legally streamed to patients and provide the desired results. Our proprietary music is available to download onto a smart device, either mobile phone or tablet.

Surgical Serenity Solutions has an app for that

Hospitals and other medical/dental facilities can license these playlists easily and use them legally with our Complete Hospital Kit which includes:

  • Bose bluetooth headphones
  • A mobile tablet loaded with all five surgical playlists
  • A one-year license for this music
  • Two bags of disposable earphone covers so that headphones can be reused between patients with a simple wipe-down

Press Play to view an animation of the Complete Hospital Kit.



Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app for free
  2. Sample each playlist and choose the lists you’d like to license
  3. Go to our license request page


overs the concept and process of how to choose the ideal music for surgery has been a huge asset in establishing my credibility.  Our proprietary music have been used around the world.  To learn more, go to      Digital Products — For Medical Facilities — NEW.

If you’re an individual and want just one pair of  headphones, we still sell headphones to stream these playlists on our website .


Surgical Serenity Solutions, LLC has created a headphone  already programmed with the ideal music for surgery,  We received our final patent in October of 2008. U.S. Patent 7,431,689 B2.  If you are a medical device company and interested in licensing our patent, contact



















Using Music to Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Relieve Insomnia


Insomnia and music

Are YOU having trouble getting a good night’s sleep because of Covid-19 and all of the stress it has created for everyone?  One of the uses for our proprietary music has been insomnia.  We know it’s been used effectively for surgery, colonoscopies, and dental work, and insomnia is a logical extension.

Rhythmic entrainment is the phenomenon that our music is based on.  Our bodies and minds literally cannot help but entrain or synchronize with a rhythmic pulse, but when there is no rhythmic pulse in the environment, the body and mind can deteriorate into chaos.

Introducing a slow, steady pulse, in the context of a soothing genre of music that you like, can quickly, effortlessly and safely begin to slow down your heart-rate, breathing and your “monkey mind.”

A lady contacted me recently to say that she had not gotten a good night’s sleep since her husband passed away nearly a year ago.  She was still grieving her loss and literally could not sleep except for fitfully.  She wondered if our music through headphones might help?

Of course I replied that I thought there was a very good chance that our rhythmic entrainment music could help her and offered to deliver some of our pre-loaded headphones to her in person.  Here’s the message I got back from her the very next day:

“Oh Alice!  Your headphones with the beautiful music on them were a Godsend!  Last night, I got a good night’s sleep for the first time in almost a year.”

She was so relieved to sleep and have a peaceful night’s rest.  She has stayed in touch with me and reports that she keeps her headphones right beside her bed and streams our rhythmic entrainment playlists every night, choosing from the classical, jazz and New Age playlists.

Because we are complex beings, results will vary from night to night. Insomnia can strike for all kinds of reasons, but slow, simple, rhythmic music can definitely help to calm the mind and body very quickly and effectively.  Sleep medications can be quite addictive and sometimes people have very bad reactions to them.  Why not get one of these Serenity Solutions playlists right now?  Click HERE!  

To learn more about our playlists, go to  Sleep well!

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