Surgical Serenity Headphones: Wireless or Cordless?


  When people contact me about helping them use music during surgery, my first    recommendation is always the pre-programmed, cordless headphones I have created.  When I first had the idea to create cordless, pre-programmed headphones, back in 2005, the term “wireless” was not nearly as associated with “wireless network” as it is now. 

 My intention was to have headphones that were entirely “self-contained” and not dependent on being tethered to an iPod or any other transmittal device.  I just figured that it would be one less thing for surgeons and anesthesiologists to worry about getting tangled up with their equipment!

I called them “wireless” at that time, but now I think it is important to confirm that they are indeed “cordless” but are not what today we call “wireless.”  This is quite an important differentiation too, because transmitting a signal in the OR would involve FCC communication and just throw another stumbling block up to people and hospitals that are contemplating using them in the OR. 

Please let me know what your questions might be!  We certainly are hearing from hundreds of satisfied customers around the world about their effectiveness in calming the patient before surgery, and reassuring them when they wake up in surgery with beautiful music still playing!