Do you know anyone who has been in ICU because of Covid?


Young male patient listening music in bed in a hospital.

Today’s best hospitals are providing music for their  ICU patients.  Because of this terrible pandemic that won’t go away, our ICUs are again overflowing.  A dear friend who had been fully vaccinated passed away last week and we are all reeling.

What is an easy yet powerful intervention that hospitals can give their patients?  Music, of course!  Soothing, slow, and purely instrumental music has the power to transport the mind and body to another time and space.  Everyone knows intuitively that music does this for them, and yet when panic around possible Covid exposure or diagnosis sets in, most people don’t immediately think about music as an intervention.

Research in Music Therapy and Music Medicine is copious and there is absolutely no questions that music decreases anxiety and decreases pain perception. Here is one recent study confirming this yet again.

Our 5 therapeutic playlists are easy to download and listen to samples.  Then, you choose which hour-long list you’d like to use and stream it to your earbuds or Bluetooth headphones as soon as you get to the hospital.  Most hospitals are more than happy for you to calm yourself in this non-chemical way which calms you down and allows them to go about their tasks without worrying about you!

Even better, hospitals are now ordering pre-loaded headphones to offer patients as soon as they are brought back for the pre-operative preliminaries.  This is good patient care and since hospitals are reimbursed for each procedure according to how good their patient satisfaction evaluations are, they really WANT you to happy with the experience!

When you or a loved one is in the ICU on a ventilator, you feel so helpless.  Well, offering soothing, proven effective music on carefully disinfected and covered headphones is a great intervention to offer! Go NOW to to purchase the pre-loaded headphones, or to download one of five therapeutic playlists!  You’ll be SO glad you did!!


How Music Can Help with Covid-19 patients in the ICU


Patient listening to soothing music through headphones while awaiting surgeryCan music actually make a difference in patients suffering from Covid-19?  Of course!  Music can help almost anyone who responds positively to music.  Of course taste in music must be considered.  Some people can respond positively to many different types of music and others can only tolerate a very specific types of music.The important thing is to offer the patient a choice of soothing music and then provide it to them through Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

We know that music provides a pleasant distraction to humans. Whether it’s familiar or unfamiliar doesn’t always matter, but when you’re lying in a hospital with a high fever and having trouble breathing, music can definitely help calm you down while you’re waiting for the medical treatment to start helping.

There have actually been many medical studies conducted on the benefits of music therapy for people on ventilators and the results are almost always beneficial. Music with a slow, steady rhythm has the ability to affect the body physiologically and calm the symptoms of anxiety such as extremely tense muscles, rapid, shallow breathing, and racing pulse and heartbeat.

All of these physiological symptoms make the thoughts race too, and usually the negative thoughts take over, which then increases the physiological symptoms.  Putting on headphones with soothing music can definitely break this cycle.

Right now, patients can download one or all of our therapeutic playlists at  These apps are available in

  • Classical
  • Smooth Jazz
  • New Age
  • Lullabies
  • Memory Care

These playlists are already being used around the world and are bringing patients much-needed relief from the bad feelings that we experience when ill in the hospital. We also have recommeneded Bluetooth headphones on our website so that you can have your own headset and streaming playlists even if you’re recovering at home.

I’ve seen patients put on our headphones for the first time, over and over, and a big smile comes over their face and a huge sigh of relief!  Our calming, soothing music, entering the brain through the 8th cranial nerve, is just what they need at this moment and can decrease or even eliminate the need for more powerful medication.  Click HERE now to get yourself either the pre-loaded headphones or some recommended Bluetooth headphones.  Then click HERE to download one or ALL of the 5 soothing playlists!


The value of music for reducing anxiety in critically ill patients on ventilators


I’m writing this during the Covid-19 pandemic.  People around the world are in ICUs on mechanical ventilators.  Imagine how terrifying that must be!  There are dozens of research studies that show that listening to music while in an ICU can reduce the anxiety of these patients.

For example, here is an article published in JAMA in 2015.

Doctors and medical facilities can do a lot for patient anxiety by providing music for them that is suitable for relaxation.  One problem that they face is that using a personal Pandora or Spotify account isn’t legal for use for multiple patients.

Cataract Surgery with Bluetooth headphones and Surgical Serenity Lullaby playlist

Patients in an ICU setting can greatly benefit from soothing music through headphones.

Also, headphones significantly help patients to mute outside sounds and therefore help reduce anxiety. Although medical facilities worry about bringing in headphones that aren’t sterile, there are ways to manage this situation, such as giving each patient his or her own headphone or using disposable earpiece covers.

These are times unlike most of us have seen in our lifetimes.  Anything we can do to help an individual with Covid-19 we need to do.

Our company, Surgical Serenity Solutions has a complete kit for providing patients in an ICU with the music they need.  Here to learn more about it!

Hospitals can now consult with Surgical Serenity Solutions about how to incorporate Music Medicine into their hospital procedures.


Consulting for Hospitals that want to integrate Music Medicine:

Today, hospitals around the world are recognizing the many, powerful benefits that music can bring to their patients.  New research is coming out every week on the powerful benefits of Music Medicine, which is pre-recorded music especially chosen to reduce anxiety and pain perception, listened to with headphones or earbuds. Dr Cash has spoken and consulted with hospitals around the world and can help YOUR hospital get up to speed with this cost-effective and powerful intervention.  Patient satisfaction scores rocket when soothing music through personal headphones is introduced.  Doctors love it too, because patients are discharged faster with fewer re-admissions.

We have three options for medical facilities:

  1. Headphones that are pre-loaded with any one of our five playlist genres.  You can choose the genre for each of the headphones. Click here to purchase 
  2. License the five playlists for streaming to patient headphones or bluetooth earbuds. Click here to contact us for terms and prices 
  3. We also have a 12-headphone package that includes earphone covers and a variety of pre-loaded genres.  Click here to purchase.



In the meantime, stay well, if you possibly can!

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