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I’m excited, but also a little bit scared:  Fundraising begins for our new model of Surgical Serenity Solutions.  I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about how excited we are to have a new headphones that is 1/5 the cost of the other one.  Our goal is to make the headphones so affordable that a hospital can issue them to each patient having surgery or other painful, anxiety-producing procedures.  Still, we have to order 1000 of them to pass on our huge savings to you!  So we are fundraising through the fantastic Kiva program for entrepreneurs.

Would you be willing to make a $25.00 loan to Surgical Serenity Solutions?  This is a loan that will be matched by Kiva and repaid within three years. Here’s the info: Make a $25 loan to SSS.  Of course, more than $25 would really be appreciated too!

Since I posted this a few weeks ago, many more expenses have suddenly appeared. My patent is up for renewal and it costs almost $2000.00 just to renew the patent!  Then I discovered that one of the factories that we deal with in China had suddenly closed!!  Now I’m having to hire a man who goes to China multiple times a year to check out factories and make sure that they are legit!  These are expenses I was not counting on, so the Kiva Zip loan will also be used for some of that!  When fundraising begins, you just don’t know what all the expenses will be.

Please give us a loan for as much as you can?  You will definitely get it back!  Then we can get our wonderful music out to all surgery patients and anyone who is anxious and fearful about a medical procedure!


Will Surgical Serenity be covered by insurance?


Will the Surgical Serenity headphones be covered by insurance?

C-section Serenity Headphones

Waiting to go into surgery.

This is a fair question, and one that I get asked fairly often.  The Surgical Serenity Solution has the capability to reduce anxiety before surgery, anesthesia requirements during surgery, and pain medication after surgery.  The Surgical Serenity Solution can decrease nausea and vomiting in the PACU so that patient is able to be discharged to hospital room or home sooner and begin their overall recovery.  This ingenious and revolutionary tool has the ability to create a win-win for both patient and hospitals by contributing to patient health, but also increase patient satisfaction scores for hospital and allowing them to have faster turnover and treat more patients in the same time period.

So when will health insurance start paying for this?  The insurance industry is a conservative industry and I believe that they will require more studies on this, even though we have at least a couple of hundred in the last two decades.  I believe that BC/BS of California already covers some tapes/CDs that have affirmations for healing on them and actually issues them to patients with various health challenges from chemo to surgery to depression.  I see no reason that they won’t eventually cover the Surgical Serenity Solution, too.

In the meantime, we are working tirelessly to find a headphones that is so affordable for hospitals, that they can actually GIVE them to patients when they arrive at the hospital the morning of the surgery and use them throughout the process and them take them home to keep during their recovery and afterwards!

Are YOU having surgery soon?  Do YOU want to use the absolute best music during your procedure and afterwards?  Just go to now and get some for yourself.  They hold 4G of music, so you can add whatever music you want afterwards and use them for years to come.  You’ll be so glad that you did!



Surgical Serenity Highlights of 2015


Surgical Serenity had a banner year in 2015.  We have begun selling to both surgical patients and hospitals equally, we have added a new, less expensive model, and we’ve quadrupled our sales staff and now have exclusively experienced medical/dental sales agents.  We have a foot in dozens of different hospitals around the world now and new inquiries daily!

As exciting as the new products and playlists are, I was ecstatic about the new “meta-analysis” the came out in the highly respected British Medical Journal, “The Lancet.”  This analyis looked at the results of 70 individual medical studies on the use of music before, during, and after surgery and concluded that music was a powerful, but greatly under-utilized medical intervention for patients undergoing surgery of any kind, whether inpatient or outpatient.

This was exactly the boost we needed to give scientific credibility to our idea!  Now, as we begin to call on new hospitals, dental surgeries, and plastic surgery spas, we will have so much scientific documentation, in addition to our own study that was done at the VA hospitals here, and all of our fabulous video, audio, and written testimonials!  It just gets better and better!!

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