Orthopedic Surgery Post-Op Pain, quickly improved with Surgical Serenity


Orthopedic surgery post-op pain is a reality for people of all ages, but especially the babyboomers.  Late last night I received a text message from a lady here in Louisville, KY.  She was in pain as a result of having knee replacement surgery the day before, and did not want to take opioid pain medication any longer than she had to!  She told me that if she could get some of our Surgical Serenity Solutions headphones and starting listening and responding to our therapeutic, proprietary music, she could get off of the medication a lot sooner!  I agreed, of course.  Research in the British medical journal ” Lancet”  documents a significant decrease in pain during and after surgery, as well as a significant decrease in the anxiety level of the patient.  In a study done on our headphones and music at the Robley Rex VA Hospital, a 20% decrease in pain perception was documented.   The lady told me that she had “thought about” getting the headphones before the surgery, but decided “no, I’m a big girl, I can handle it” but after she got home, she realized that she needed something for pain and that the pain medication the doctor prescribed was “just a little too scary, in terms of addiction potential.”  As a professional healthcare provider, I would NEVER tell a patient not to take pain medication after surgery.  Cutting into the body for whatever reason is painful and that’s a fact.  But using non-pharmacological treatments, such as therapeutic music, to help with pain management is an excellent, well-documented, and proven idea.

Our knee surgery patient is well acquainted with the concepts of music medicine, music therapy, and the power of rhythmic entrainment as it affects the relaxation response.   When she texted me last night, I knew that a winter storm was predicted to hit Louisville, so I got a new pair out for her, loaded the music onto them, charged them overnight, and delivered them to her at 8:30 this morning, just as the freezing rain was beginning to fall!  I wish I had a video of her putting them on for the first time.  She IMMEDIATELY gave a sigh of relief as she put them on, and said “oh!  that music is so beautiful!”  She then closed her eyes and went to sleep.  Even I was a little surprised at how quickly  she began to benefit.  Her sister smiled and said, “I think she’ll be off the pain meds really soon!”

So what is the moral of this story?  If you KNOW in advance that you’re going to be having surgery of any kind, dental, physical, colonoscopy, etc., order your Surgical Serenity Solutions headphones NOW!  They are less than $100 and can be used for months and months after the procedure.  You can even put your favorite music on them afterwards if you wish.  The music I have chosen is music that easily and quickly engages rhythmic entrainment and allows the body to experience the relaxation response.

These headphones are being used in hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers,  and dental clinics around the world and doctors and patients alike love them.  Go now to www.SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com/patient-products and click on BUY!  You’ll be so glad that you did!

If you’d like to just use OUR surgery playlists with your own Air-pods or other bluetooth device, you can simply go to www.SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com/calm and get one of our powerful surgery playlists!

There is no need to take more drugs than is absolutely necessary to calm your anxiety and fears.  Let our scientifically chosen and tested music get you through it!