Calming Fear and Anxiety with our New Mobile App


calm anxiety with soothing, therapeutic music

Have you ever experienced fear and anxiety before a medical procedure or a visit to the dentist? As a therapist, I know the number of people who struggle with almost crippling fear of a doctor or a dentist.  Some people actually have undergone some terrible experiences in a hospital or clinic, but some people have only heard about it and it has the same, anxiety-producing  effect.

Now, we have created a mobile app that actually gives you access to five different, soothing playlists that you can listen to through your own Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.  Or you can plug your own regular headphones or earbuds into your phone.

Hospitals are letting people bring in their music on their own phones more and more and they simply put the phone in a disposable surgical cap or a rubber glove and put it under that gurney on the shelf with other personal belongings.  The advantages of this new method are many:

  • No need to purchase another set of headphones for patient.
  • No need for hospital to purchase headphones and find storage space
  • No need for hospital or patient to worry about remembering headphones the day of surgery

At the same times, you will access to our music that has proven over and over again that it:

  • Reduces pain perception
  • Calms anxiety that patient feels before and during procedure
  • Reduces the amount of medication patient requires for anxiety
  • Often reduces the amount of anesthesia
  • Reduces that amount of addictive opioids that patient needs after the surgery

Our new mobile app IS NOW available for both iPhone and Androids!

We will always provide our tried and true pre-loaded headphones for those that want an immediate solution and need it quickly, or simply for those that are less “techy!”

As always, if I can answer any questions for you and troubleshoot problems, contact me here or at

To your sound health!!