This is probably the question that I get asked most frequently and I assume that most people just don’t think of having music while they are asleep. Many people assume that perhaps it would be too distracting to the surgeon and that the patient is asleep anyway?

Not so! First of all, what I am recommending is that the patient wear lightweight, already programmed headphones so that the music the patient is hearing is intended only for the patient. The surgeon does not hear it at all.

Nowadays, many surgeons actually do bring their own favorite music in to the operating room. Surgeons say it helps them to concentrate more on the work they are doing and also it helps keep their energy level up.

From the patient’s point of view, they often wake up after surgery and reports that they did hear conversations and comments by the doctor or the nurses and, in the case of joint replacement surgeries, they hear drilling, hammering, and sometimes sawing!!!

When the patient is wearing lightweight headphones, not only do they have pleasant soothing music entering their brain, but this music also helps to block our the disconcerting sounds and conversations in the operating room.

What will you choose to do if you need a medical procedure?