Our Surgical Serenity Music and headphones are being accepted into new facilities every day! They are already in use at the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western/University Hospital in Cleveland. They’ve been used as far away as England and Hawaii and are in use in many U.S. states now.

Why? Because this is not just any music that has been written for relaxation or medical purposes. This music has been chosen over a 20-year span by someone who understands not only how much affects the mind and the body but by someone who understands what the mind and body typically go through before, during and after surgery.

Surgery is a dangerous process but in many cases, not having it can be far more dangerous. If you or someone you know needs surgery but is so fearful of the process, the anesthesia, the pain meds, or the recovery period, adding the Surgical Serenity Music to the formula might just make all the difference.

Listening to this music before the procedure for at least 30-45 minutes will definitely calm your mind and body and slow down the racing heartbeat and pulse. The more relaxed you are when taken back for surgery, the less anesthesia you will require to be fully anesthetized. The less anesthesia you have, the faster you will wake up and the faster you will recover from the procedure. It really is very logical and simple when you look at it like that and I have some wonderful comments from those who have tried it!

If you want to know more, go to www.surgicalheadphones.com. Best wishes with your procedure!