The use of music during surgery is becoming more and more popular around the world. And that’s for one, important reason: it works!  Physicians and healers have known for literally thousands of years that the soothing sounds and rhythms of music can calm the human body and mind.  They have known that different instruments and voices can all produce their own kinds of healing and soothing music. The possibilities are literally endless.

So what does music do specifically during surgery?  You probably know that there are many rhythms going on in our body at any one time and when our body is calm, relaxed and healthy, those rhythms are very steady and regular.  When

you’re anxious, as most people are before surgery, rhythms such as heart rate and breathing, tend to be more rapid.  When your breathing is rapid, it’s usually also shallow and that means that your blood is not getting as much oxygen and your muscles are probably more tense.  The same is true with a rapidly beating heart.

When you listen to music, through headphones, that is calming and soothing for YOU, your heart rate and breathing tend to synchronize with the music, through a process called rhythmic entrainment.  When you are calm and relaxed going into surgery, your anxiety level goes down, your muscles release excess tension and it generally takes much less medication and anesthesia to get you ready for your procedure.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re have general anesthesia, regional, or local anesthesia, have your preferred type of music, through headphones, will make the procedure go more smoothly!  We offer 5 different playlists for surgery that can be downloaded from the App Store at www.surgicalserenitysolutions.com/buyanapp, as well as a new book about Surgery with Music that is available in the Kindle Store! The title is “Having Surgery?  Using Music to decrease Anxiety and Pain Perception” and is $9.99.

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