Scientists and music therapists have been conducting research on Music with Surgery for a long time.  Most of these studies are looking for specific information like whether or not there is a reduction in anxiety or pain perception.  These two things in particular have been studies with all kinds of surgeries.  Most recently there have been many studies on joint replacements, breast cancer surgeries, and diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies and endoscopies.

One of the questions that I am asked a lot is whether or not there has been a clinical study on the Surgical Serenity Solutions headphones and music.  I am very happy to report that there has been a study, conducted here at the V.A. Hospital.  The study looked at men between the ages of 18-72 who were having major abdominal surgery.  The study was conducted by Dr. MarinaVarbanova, an anesthesiologist there at the VA hospital.

In conversation with Dr Varbanova, I asked her about whether the subjects were all OK with classical piano miniatures since we know that not everyone likes classical music.  She explained that she told the subjects that this music was the best music to engage rhythmic entrainment, which would affect their anxiety and pain perception.  Only one subject decided to withdraw from the study because he only wanted country music.  At the conclusion of the study, results indicated a 20% reduction in anxiety and pain perception.  We were really thrilled with this result.  In a period of history where opioid addiction is killing thousands of people, the reality that music through headphones can be used to soothe and calm patients is truly exciting!

I am attaching to this blog post both the published study and the Powerpoint presentation that was given to staff at the VA Hospital.

Our SSS study

V.A. Hospital in Louisville, KY


Surg Serenity VA Hospital Pt. Evaluation