I met with all of my investors this past week and they all have really dynamite ideas for ways to move the Surgical Serenity Headphones into the mainstream.  All of these men are extremely successful business men who have bought and sold hundreds of businesses.  One of the suggestions was to make contact NOW with major manufacturers of medical devices.  Through the program LinkedIn I have been able to do that!  The world of the internet never ceases to amaze me with all the possibilities for networking with people.
A different investor simply gave me testimonial after testimonial.  He has had numerous surgeries in the past and hates pain he said (among other things) “Dr. Cash, if you can prevent me from feeling as much pain, requiring so much anesthesia and help me to relax and calm down with your special music, then please send me some immediately!”  He said I could even give his name…Bill Ferko.
It seems that all the investors are pretty excited about the potential of these headphones to be accepted by hospitals, surgeons and anesthesiologists around the world.  It seems logical to me because calming your mind and body before surgery with music and stabilizing your heart rate and breathing during surgery with steady, instrumental music can only improve the entire procedure, increase safety be decreasing the amount of anesthesia needed and allow the patient to recover faster, be discharged sooner and incur few expenses.
I fully intend to have a charity arm of the organization to provide headphones to those who can’t afford them, but ideally I’d like to gather enough research documenting the benefits of the headphones so that insurance companies will not only cover them, but require them. 

I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions about all the above.  Thanks!