Learning that you need surgery or major dental work is never good new.  It stirs up fear and anxiety right away. But now, using music for the patient has never been easier.  For many decades, surgeons have chosen the music that they want to hear while operating, but oftentimes, it is assumed that the patient can’t hear the music because they are under anesthesia.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Many patients undergoing procedures that require general anesthesia report that they not only heard the surgeon’s music (that they didn’t particularly care for!) but they also heard conversations and comments that were very upsetting.  Things such as “he’s not going to last long!” or “This is worse than we thought.”

Surgeons and surgical staff certainly don’t intend to upset the patient, but when the hearing is still active, it can happen.  That is one of the many reasons that I created Surgical Serenity Solutions.   The patient needs to be as calm and relaxed as possible when having surgery and now, with 3 different surgical playlists, this is possible.  All of our music has been chosen to engage rhythmic entrainment!  Our newest playlist, Relaxing Jazz, was created JUST for the patient who is having a medical procedure and is  a little anxious or fearful.

There are also many benefits for the doctor:

  • A patient who is calm and relaxed is easier to treat
  • When heart-rate and breathing are being stabilized naturally, through music, patients need less medication
  • Patients who are given a choice of music through headphones, leave better patient satisfaction reviews
  • First adopters of our Surgical Serenity System, get immediate influx of referrals
  • First adopters of our system get noticed in the medical news and marketing magazines and newsletters.

NOW, patients who are anticipating surgery have many options for adding soothing, therapeutic music to their procedure.  We still offer our original “hospital-model” headphones, our less-expensive “patient-model headphones” or now, our mobile app with 5 different playlists available!  Just go to www.SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com/products to get yours now!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at DrAlice@SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com