If you have just found out that you need surgery for any given condition, you’ll want to get the headphones as soon as possible.  Having the ability to listen to this music for an hour or so a day leading up to the surgery will allow you to condition your body to relax when the music starts. 

It’s also good to be able to let your doctor know that you want to use music during the surgery in case he has questions about doing this.  Although most doctors are fine with the idea once they understand the considerable research behind them, some doctors will balk.  A few people have reported that their doctor allowed them to wear the headphones until the surgery and immediately afterwards, but not during. 

If you are going to a large, cutting-edge facility, it’s possible that they will already have the headphones ready to go for you, but in smaller communities and hospitals, you’ll probably have to bring your own!  As I said above, though, just be sure to let the doctor you’ll be bringing in your own music and player.

The only surgery that the headphones might not work for would be brain surgery and even then they could possibly be worn.  Anything new always has many skeptics at first, but these surgical serenity headphones are rapidly gaining credibility in the medical world.  I think the fact that the Cleveland Clinic has brought be in to do a Grand Rounds presentation is proof enough that they are a great idea!

Even if your surgery is less than a week away, I can probably get them to you if you’re willing to pay overnight postage.  Just go to www.surgicalheadphones.com and you can order either the headphones or a download of my proprietary music, chosen especially for it’s characteristics.  You can put the music on your own iPod or MP3 player if you prefer, but the cordless headphones are the easiest and most convenient!  Best wishes on your procedure!