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frequently asked questions

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Our most frequently asked questions about the surgical headphones, change from month to month and depend upon our most recent updates.  Here are the Top 10 questions as of June, 2017:

  1.  Are the headphones intended for the Dr or the patient?
    1. The headphones are intended for the patient, so that the doctor can have his own ambient music.
  2.  Is the music already on the headphones?
    1. Yes, both models are preloaded with our proprietary music, which can be changed after surgery to whatever music you like.
  3.  Will the hospital have them waiting for me?
    1. Hospitals that now have headphones included some VA hospitals, some Cleveland Clinic hospitals, some parts of Mayo clinic in Minnesota, and soon—Johns Hopkins!  If you’re going anywhere else, best to purchase your own!
  4.  Can I purchase just one headphone?
    1. Absolutely!  The patient model is $97.00
  5.  Can I change the music on the headphones?
    1. Once your surgery is over, it’s easy to reload the microchip with the music of your choice.
  6.  Will my doctor let me wear them during surgery?
    1. 99 out of a 100 will.  We have written a short article for you to take to your Dr that tells about all of the research that has been done on music with surgery and our headphones in particular.
  7.  Is there any danger to wearing these headphones during surgery.
    1. No problems have ever been reported.  Some doctors worried about an electrical arc, which happened long ago with another piece of equipment.  Our headphones don’t have any metal in them.
  8.  Why should I wear them during surgery if I am asleep?
    1. Because the body responds to the steady rhythms of our proprietary music, entraining the heartbeat and the breathing.  This is the heart of our method and it works whether patient is asleep or awake.
  9.  Does anyone else make these headphones?
    1. Not yet, but we know we will eventually have competition.  That’s why we got a patent!!
  10.  Will insurance reimburse me for these headphones?
    1.  Not yet.  That is why we started selling them to patients first.   Now that patients know about their power and effectiveness, we are marketing them to hospitals, surgery centers and dental practices.  We foresee and day when insurance companies will not only reimburse for them, but they will INSIST on them!!

If these are not the questions you have, please let me know what YOUR question is!  I’d love to answer it for you!!