Each year approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed in the United States, i.e. a little more than one uterus for every minute of the year.Oct 3, 2014.  Sadly, experts reports that as many as two-thirds of them are unnecessary!  The hysterectomy is a traumatic surgery for women because it represents the abrupt cessation of the women to give birth, whether she has had children in the past or whether she never had any but had hoped to!

As a result, the woman who is about to have a hysterectomy for whatever reason, is in a uniquely fragile state, both psychologically and physiologically.  The woman who is about to have a hysterectomy needs to be taken care of with lots of love and attention.  This woman is a perfect candidate for music before, during and after her surgery.  Such a woman was “Mary.”  Mary had never given birth, but had wanted to before divorce and severe fibroids took away her options.  Mary did everything she knew to do to avoid having a hysterectomy, but at age 53, her periods brought such severe pain and cramps that she could stand the pain no longer.

Mary loved music and when she heard that someone would help her choose her own favorite soothing music and create a CD just for her surgery, she knew this was something she wanted to do.  Mary had a history of bad experiences with anesthesia because as a small person, it didn’t take much at all to put her to sleep.  So she came to me, and together we put together about 60 minutes of her favorite classical music that would loop until she woke up in the recovery room.

Her first comment after she was back in her hospital room, was that the music had been wonderfully orienting to her when she began to wake up in recovery, groggy and confused.  She reported that she had much less nausea and vomiting than previous surgeries and that she felt that the music had made a previously untolerable procedure, a tolerable one, and one that she was very glad to have over with.

This was before we had created the actual Surgical Serenity Solution, and was a precursor to the cordless, pre-programmed headphones.