Cataract Surgery:  Our headphones continue to be used with a wide variety of surgeries and procedures.  One of the most recent was a cataract surgery with a 65-year-old male patient.  The patient was moderately anxious before the procedure, primarily because he didn’t want to be sidelined too long with anesthesia related “brain fog.”  When he heard about the anesthesia-sparing benefits of music, he was eager to try them.

Cataract Surgery w Music

Waiting for cataract surgery

Before the Cataract Surgery

Waiting to be called back; wearing headphones

The patient put the headphones on as soon as he arrived at the surgery center for outpatient surgery.  As you can see from the picture, he was comfortable enough with the fit and the music to start working immediately on his iPhone!  Patient reports that one of the things he appreciated most about his nearly 60-minute wait prior to prep, was that he didn’t have to listen to other people’s conversations or the TV that was playing in the waiting room.

When patient was finally called back, he continued listening to the soothing, rhythmic music as gown was donned and IV inserted.  The next photo reflects his calm and readiness to go into cataract surgery:  Patient reported that in addition to cataract surgery, he was also getting an implant to improve his near-sightedness.


After cataract surgery with Surgical Serenity Solution

After the surgery, the patient said that the music had accompanied throughout the entire surgery and that when he woke up from the anesthesia, he immediately remembered where he was and why he was there.  He said that in previous surgeries he had awakened not knowing where he was and feeling nauseous.  This time, he felt calm, alert, focused, and ready to go home.

The operating team said that he had taken a minimum of anesthesia and no pain medication at all.  He was sent home with nothing more than the usual eye drops every few hours, eye protector and advil, if needed, and which he did not need.  Patient says that he is so glad that he used the headphones and that he will always do so in the future!

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