C-section Serenity Headphones

Waiting to go into surgery.

No one really wants to have surgery.  If you must though, for a life-threatening condition or a life-enhancing procedure, there are a few easy things you can do to help yourself and greatly improve your outcome:

1.  Starting today, begin eating light and healthy foods that are easy to digest.  Especially if you go under general anesthesia, all of your systems slow way down…like peristaltic action?  The easier to digest foods you eat today, the happier you’ll be after your surgery.

2.  Make sure that you have some frozen casseroles in your freezer, or friends lined up to bring in food for the week after surgery.  You may not be able to get up and down easily and you certainly can’t get to the grocery or stand on your feet cooking.  Ordering pizza or Chinese food is highly NOT recommended either.  Stock your cabinets and fridge now with simple foods that are healthy and easy to prepare.  We like fresh fruit, yogurt, scrambled eggs, salad fixins and lean turkey or chicken.

3.  Begin putting together a playlist of your favorite soothing, comforting music for your iPod.  Studies have shown that listening to favoite calming music before your surgery can greatly decrease the amount of anxiety medication you’ll need.  Listening to slow, steady, simple music during surgery can help maintain blood pressure and breathing and listening to favorite, slightly more upbeat music after surgery can decrease pain meds and overall recovery time.  You can make your own playlist, or order our pre-programmed headphones on this page.

Here’s to a very successful surgery!