Macular degeneration surgery with Surgical Serenity Solutions.  I’m always thrilled to hear about a patient having surgery with our music headphones, having a postive experience.  Today I opened my mail and found this wonderful letter from Virginia Hibbs, a newer patient/client of mine who wanted to share this with the world:

What A Difference Surgical Serenity Music Makes!

“Two weeks ago I had surgery for an eye condition connected with my hereditary  gene pool of macular degeneration plus glaucoma.  It was my third surgery in a series of operations.  And I was not getting bette r(emotionally) at the agonizing experience as the surgeries continued. However my vision was much improved even as my stress about the experiences continued.

I entered the operating area with a level of trepidation, tension, and discomfort. Knowing the other three surgeries had triggered a series of migraine headaches which were “activity stopping everyday life” due to my allergies to the dilation drops and anesthesia, I was less than happy to submit to a day or more in bed. I love my usual action packed days as an active financial planner and community volunteer. This surgery was done on August 7, 2010.

My neck reflected my state of mind, and the tension created a painful stiffness.  On the day after the surgery after my usual hours the day before in a darkened room with a blinding head ache, my eye was doing wonderfully, my head was well, but my neck was still in sad shape.  After therapeutic massage, my neck began to recover and to function without pain. And life regained its normal rhythm as I returned to my office where my financial practice is centered around a conservative investment style for retirement income planning.

Due to a perfectly timed meeting with Dr. Alice Cash, my fourth eye surgery last week was a contrast in levels of misery. This surgery was completed on August 14, 2010.  Eye surgery will never be my favorite Monday activity!  Going into the operation with a calm, serene attitude, due to the lovely piano music from my Surgical Serenity Music Program  made all the difference. My migraine headache was over in a few hours instead of half a day.

As instructed. I listened to the music for an hour the day before my surgery.  I listened to the music for about 1 ½ hours before the surgery on Monday morning, and all during the procedure.  In fact, I still kept the music playing during my recovery period.  I had no tense muscles, no shooting neck pain, no discomfort during the laser surgery.  My body was in a state of relaxation, and I felt confident that my surgery experience would be a better chapter in the continuing saga of maximum vision preservation.

It is wonderful to know that a professional in the field of art, music and medicine, Dr. Alice Cash, has invented an easy tool, as simple to operate as a CD player.  It allows  us to tune into the world of music, tune out the discomforts of surgery, and be a part of a larger vision during a time of pain and anxiety.

Directions for use are so simple that even during the stress of the surgery experience it is easy to get the music playing at the correct volume. The MP3 player has intuitive buttons which work simply.

Less anesthesia is needed during surgeries.  Natural healing is faster, and our psyches become engaged with sensory perceptions outside the surgery experience. It is a win-win for the patient, the family  who are the support system.”         Virginia Hibbs        gini@vhibibsfinancial.com

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