I couldn’t post this yesterday because I was having eye surgery but I did document the procedure throughout the day and here are the pics!  This was the first time I’ve had surgery in about 26 years and my first time to use the Surgical Serenity Solutions headphones during surgery.  The procedure was cataract surgery on the right eye with replacement with a multi-focal lens.  It was supposed to be a very simple procedure, but as I said in the Day 5 blog post and video, just the thought of not being able to respond while someone works on my eye with a scalpel, was a little bit terrifying, so I knew that I needed the soothing serenity music in addition to their Versed.

When I first got there yesterday morning, it was still dark and cold outside, so here I am in the lobby of the Surge Center:  Shortly  after  this  photo,  they  summoned  me  to go  back  and  be  prepped  for  surgery.  The  very  kind  and  patient  pre-surgery  nurse  helped  me  out  of  my  clothes  and  into  my gown,  asked  me  lots  of  questions  and  then  I put  on  my  headphones  and  started  relaxing  to  the  beautiful  music.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity and still being wide-awake, I thought I would make a little video for you:  Here is the brief video that I made, and almost immediately after this I was wheeled into surgery;


The cataract surgery didn’t take more than 20 minutes, if that.  From the moment it was over, I didn’t remember a thing about it even though I was not given a general anesthesia.  I was given the drug Versed which makes you very relaxed and makes you not remember anything.  I know that the music was playing the entire time and the team was able to do their work quickly and accurately.



I spent most of the rest of yesterday sleeping comfortably.  Here’s is the documentation of that.  The  staff  at  the  surgery  center  were  all  fascinated  by  the  headphones  and  wanted  to  know  all  about  their  history  and  where  they  could  purchase  them.  I’ll  continue  more  about  this  tomorrow.