Having a Cesarean section childbirth is one of those situations that has very few absolutes.  Sometimes it is scheduled in advance and sometimes it is a relatively last-minute decision, based on a long and unproductive labor.

 The woman to your left had a scheduled C-section after going almost two weeks past her due date.   With my assistance she arrived at the hospital on the scheduled date but found that there were many women schduled before her.  She had not decided when we arrived whether or not she wanted to use the headphones.  After waiting for 30-45 minutes, she was told that she would be prepped for the C-section and then would wait in a room with other women also scheduled for C-sections.

Unlike the women who went into labor on their own, she was not given a private labor room so that she and her husband might be alone before the new baby arrived.  Upon entering the c-section waiting area she discovered that there was no privacy at all.  Somen were talking loudly on cell phones, some were talking loudly to their husbands, and one woman was berating her husband in a way that was very upsetting to the others!

It was at this point that my patient decided to put on the headphones, close her eyes and drift off to her own private sonic cocoon.   She claims that they saved her sanity without a doubt!

Needless to say, these pre-programmed headphones, with calming, soothing classical music that entrains your heart-rate, your breathing and your overall mood, can be helpful in many, many different hospitals areas.  Imagine being in the ER, the ICU or the CCU.  Imagine being in a ambulance with siren blaring or a stat flight helicopter.  Don’t wait for an emergency.  Have your headphones to be enjoying and relaxing with right now and you’ll be prepared!