Do YOU have a fear of anesthesia or surgery?  So many people have an intense fear of anesthesia and surgery that they postpone needed surgery, that could greatly improve their quality of life, because they are afraid that they will be in a worse condition, or not wake up at all!  Why do people experience fear this intense?  There can be lots of reasons, as I’ll explain in  this post…

Perhaps you come from a family of people who do not like going to the doctor because “the doctor always finds something wrong.”  Perhaps you know someone who has had a bad experience with surgery or anesthesia.  Perhaps YOU have had a bad experience with surgery or anesthesia.

The fact is, mistakes do happen, but in today’s medical world, surgery and anesthesia have never been more safe.  Fear and anxiety are rampant!   Everyone who is about to have surgery, has an extensive history taken by the doctors and nurses, about how you and other family members have responded to anesthesia in the past.  Thanks to the internet, there is LOTS of excellent, reputable information on the internet.

Still, fear and anxiety are not always rational.  If you have had an unexpected reaction in the past, or a close friend or family member has, you are probably going to be really scared and concerned.  I don’t want to diminish that or say that it’s silly or unwarranted.

Research has shown that when slow, steady, soothing music is played for a patient that has a racing pulse and rapid, shallow breathing, the music can actually slow the patient’s heart and breathing down, and keep them steady!  When this happens, the “relaxation response” kicks in. This is called “rhythmic entrainment.”  The more relaxed your body and muscles are, the easier it is for the doctors and nurses to do what they need to do to help you.

If your muscles are tense and stiff, it’s going to take more medication to relax you, and more medication to wake up from and recover from.  Yes, you also have to recover from the medication!!

So how does music help?

Of course there’s the simple distraction factor, but then there’s the whole concept of rhythmic entrainment.  Scientists have known about rhythmic entrainment for hundreds of years, but only recently have people begun to understand how the rhythmic tempo of a piece of music can begin to slow down the rapidly beating heart and the rapid, shallow breathing that comes with anxiety and fear.

How does our Serenity Music help with that? Now you can download our powerful rhythmic entrainment surgical music playlists.  On your smartphone or tablet, go to www.SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com/calm.  This music can be streamed to your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds during surgery.

Should you talk to your doctor about using music before the surgery?  Yes.

Download my report on “How To Talk to Your Doctor about Using Music during Surgery” and it will be assured.

You can still also purchase a pair of pre-loaded headphones on our website for Adults or Children that are having surgery. Go Here to order the preloaded headphones with our rhythmic entrainment music. The mobile app can be downloaded for free and you can sample each of the playlists before choosing the one that you like best!

If you are a Veteran, you are in a great space to ask your surgeon if they might already have our headphones!  Hospitals in Kentucky, California, Pennsylvania and Georgia are using our headphones or just about to start using them!

Surgery does not have to be a frightening experience.  You should definitely get my new book, “Having Surgery? Using music to decrease anxiety and pain perception.”  This easy-to-read book is intended to calm the patient with clear how-to information and also inform the surgeon and anesthesiologist of the research that confirms multiple benefits of music with surgery.  Click on title to get the book.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions at all!  Our email is DrAlice@SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com