The use of music in the operating room is not new. The idea of music for the PATIENT in the operating room is much newer! However even that has been done by some innovative and insightful doctors even since the 1950’s.  The question is: does it really make a difference? Aren’t the patients asleep and totally oblivious to the music? THAT’s the question I want to address today!

The YouTube video above that I’m sharing comes from an anesthesiologist in New York. He seems like a really nice guy, fun guy, and a good anesthesiologist I’m sure. But he’s talking exclusively about music for the doctors in the operating room.

He talks about how they take turns choosing the music. If the patient requests something specific, he says that they honor that request, but once the patient is alseep, they choose what they want to hear. The problem is, the patient’s body does respond to that music, even if they are not consciously listening/hearing the music.

Our bodies respond to the pulse and vibrations of music whether conscious or unconscious. That’s why people who’ve been in comas for lengthy periods wake up reporting that they heard the music you played or sang; they appreciated the talking you did to them, and the reading you did, keeping them abreast of their condition or the family.

THAT is precisely the reason that we created Surgical Serenity Solutions! So that the patient could have their ideal music through pre-loaded headphones while the doctor has his ideal music through speakers in the OR.