Would you prefer to choose your own music for surgery? The responses I get are about 50/50. Many people do want to choose their favorite music because they have definite musical taste and don’t want to risk having someone else choose the music that accompanies them into a long (or even a short!) surgery. Then there are those who would prefer that someone else choose relaxing music for them. If you do want to choose your own music, keep these guidelines in mind:
1. Studies show that instrumental music is best. Lyrics tend to engage the left brain causing the patient to begin analyzing the music; not relaxing!
2. Choose some music that has the tempo of a healthy resting heart beat…between 40-50 beats per second.
3. Choose music that has positive associations for you. Music that you have loved for many years is always good.
4. You can choose music that you don’t know well or maybe have never heard. Just listen to enough of it that you know it isn’t upsetting or agitating.
5. Many people believe that slow classical music is best.
6. Some people really prefer slow and soft New Age music.
7. Personal taste in music is the key that opens the mind and body to a good surgical experience.
As soon as you know you’re going to need surgery, start listening to many types of music. You know what you respond to. Talk with confidence to your surgeon about what you want to do. There is plenty of research that documents the benefits. You won’t regret it! Let me know if I can help!