Today I was talking with a nurse at a large mid-Western hospital.  They had contacted me about buying our pre-programmed headphones for their surgery patients and I was answering her questions and beginning to understand what their specific needs were.  The nurse told me that they specifically wanted them for pre-surgery, because there were invariably a room full of patients waiting to be taken into surgery and that each was allowed to have two people with them.

Occasionally, the nurse went on, the room is crowded with surgical patients and one of them begins having a problem or an issue of one kind or another.  The nurses congregate at the one nursing station to discuss the patient/issue/medical crisis and all of the other patients and family members can easily hear the conversation!  Of course this is totally against HIPAA compliance with privacy and patient confidentiality.  In other words, one of the main reasons they wanted the Surgical Serenity Headphones was so that patients achieved privacy and sonic “space.”

When we look at benefits, we typically cite

  • reduced anxiety
  • stabilized blood pressure
  • stabilized breathing and oxygenation of blood
  • reduced anesthesia requirements
  • faster recovery for patient
  • less nausea and vomiting after surgery
  • back to work and life faster because of less medication

Now we have a new one:  better HIPAA compliance!  And that is truly a big deal.  I’ve worked at several different hospitals since HIPAA was put into law and I know that the fines for violating HIPAA laws are enormous.  Hospitals can even lose the accreditation is they repeatedly violate HIPAA laws and policies.  Very important!  Take note, hospital administrators!