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Alice at AORN conference in Chicago

I’m excited, but also a little bit scared:  Fundraising begins for our new model of Surgical Serenity Solutions.  I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about how excited we are to have a new headphones that is 1/5 the cost of the other one.  Our goal is to make the headphones so affordable that a hospital can issue them to each patient having surgery or other painful, anxiety-producing procedures.  Still, we have to order 1000 of them to pass on our huge savings to you!  So we are fundraising through the fantastic Kiva program for entrepreneurs.

Would you be willing to make a $25.00 loan to Surgical Serenity Solutions?  This is a loan that will be matched by Kiva and repaid within three years. Here’s the info: Make a $25 loan to SSS.  Of course, more than $25 would really be appreciated too!

Since I posted this a few weeks ago, many more expenses have suddenly appeared. My patent is up for renewal and it costs almost $2000.00 just to renew the patent!  Then I discovered that one of the factories that we deal with in China had suddenly closed!!  Now I’m having to hire a man who goes to China multiple times a year to check out factories and make sure that they are legit!  These are expenses I was not counting on, so the Kiva Zip loan will also be used for some of that!  When fundraising begins, you just don’t know what all the expenses will be.

Please give us a loan for as much as you can?  You will definitely get it back!  Then we can get our wonderful music out to all surgery patients and anyone who is anxious and fearful about a medical procedure!


Will Surgical Serenity be covered by insurance?


Will the Surgical Serenity headphones be covered by insurance?

C-section Serenity Headphones

Waiting to go into surgery.

This is a fair question, and one that I get asked fairly often.  The Surgical Serenity Solution has the capability to reduce anxiety before surgery, anesthesia requirements during surgery, and pain medication after surgery.  The Surgical Serenity Solution can decrease nausea and vomiting in the PACU so that patient is able to be discharged to hospital room or home sooner and begin their overall recovery.  This ingenious and revolutionary tool has the ability to create a win-win for both patient and hospitals by contributing to patient health, but also increase patient satisfaction scores for hospital and allowing them to have faster turnover and treat more patients in the same time period.

So when will health insurance start paying for this?  The insurance industry is a conservative industry and I believe that they will require more studies on this, even though we have at least a couple of hundred in the last two decades.  I believe that BC/BS of California already covers some tapes/CDs that have affirmations for healing on them and actually issues them to patients with various health challenges from chemo to surgery to depression.  I see no reason that they won’t eventually cover the Surgical Serenity Solution, too.

In the meantime, we are working tirelessly to find a headphones that is so affordable for hospitals, that they can actually GIVE them to patients when they arrive at the hospital the morning of the surgery and use them throughout the process and them take them home to keep during their recovery and afterwards!

Are YOU having surgery soon?  Do YOU want to use the absolute best music during your procedure and afterwards?  Just go to now and get some for yourself.  They hold 4G of music, so you can add whatever music you want afterwards and use them for years to come.  You’ll be so glad that you did!



Surgical Serenity Highlights of 2015


Surgical Serenity had a banner year in 2015.  We have begun selling to both surgical patients and hospitals equally, we have added a new, less expensive model, and we’ve quadrupled our sales staff and now have exclusively experienced medical/dental sales agents.  We have a foot in dozens of different hospitals around the world now and new inquiries daily!

As exciting as the new products and playlists are, I was ecstatic about the new “meta-analysis” the came out in the highly respected British Medical Journal, “The Lancet.”  This analyis looked at the results of 70 individual medical studies on the use of music before, during, and after surgery and concluded that music was a powerful, but greatly under-utilized medical intervention for patients undergoing surgery of any kind, whether inpatient or outpatient.

This was exactly the boost we needed to give scientific credibility to our idea!  Now, as we begin to call on new hospitals, dental surgeries, and plastic surgery spas, we will have so much scientific documentation, in addition to our own study that was done at the VA hospitals here, and all of our fabulous video, audio, and written testimonials!  It just gets better and better!!


More FAQs about the Surgical Serenity Solutions


2015 has been a great year for Surgical Serenity Solutions company!  We have visited medical professional and medical device professionals in Denver, Atlanta, Sarasota, New York, Boston, San Juan and South Carolina to

Friends, everyone says that it’s just a matter of time before music for the patient undergoing surgery is an absolute given!  I notice, however, that people are afraid of new things, whether devices or processes.  Especially in the medical world these days, hospitals and physicians are fearful of getting sued.  The research is there, though,  Not only do we have nearly 100 studies that document the benefits of music, including a study on our own headphones and proprietary music, done at the VA hospital here in Louisville, KY!

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

  1.  How much are the headphones?  The premium hospital model that can be reused is $247.97.  There are price breaks for quantity, of course.  The individual headphones that are intended for one patient to use and take home, are $50 with minimum order of 500.  These are intended to be issued to each patient at admission and sent home with patient for continued recovery and healing at home.
  2. What kind of music is on the headphones?  The music is lesson-known classical piano music, played by a concert pianist.  As a clinical musicologist, I have chosen music that best entrains the heart-rate and breathing to the music in order to induce the relaxation response.  We are currently working on a jazz playlist, a New Age playlist, a classical guitar playlist, and a children’s playlist.

Most of your answers can be found at, including a free paper you can download entitled “How to Talk to Your Doctor about using Music during Surgery!”  Let me know any and all questions you might have!


Surgery Music Now Available for Download!


We are so enthusiastic and excited about our Surgical Serenity Music, that we offer JUST the download if you feel that you cannot afford our lightweight, high-quality cordless headphone!  The download alone is only $99.  The headset with music already loaded onto it, is $197.97!

We believe that the Surgical Serenity Solution is slowly revolutionizing the way the surgery is being performed.  There are so many studies now, including a study on our own music and headphone (!) that there is absolutely NO doubt that music before, during and after surgery, can make a big difference in how fast and well the patient will recover.  Who knew that something as simple as choosing the right music for the patient could make such a powerful improvement to surgical outcomes??

Actually, I knew that back in the early 1990’s when I began reading the medical and music medicine literature.  It was quite obvious that, through the process of rhythmic entrainment, the patient’s heart-rate and breathing will begin to synchronize with the pulse of the music.  This relaxes the patient and keeps them relaxed through the procedure so that less medication is needed.  As a clinical musicologist, I know JUST the music to choose for the best results.  Right now the music is classical piano, but we are close to having a NEW AGE playlist, a children’s playlist, and one for elderly patients!

Don’t miss out on this!  You can download the music in minutes or order now for overnight delivery!  Just click on the picture of the headphones!


Must everything be sterilized for Surgery? No!


If you’ve been following Surgical Serenity Solutions for awhile, you know that our headphones are being used every day in hospitals around the world!  But every now and then, somehow asks us how hospitals are able to “sterilize” them for surgery.  I rely on what surgeons, anesthesiologists and surgical nurses have told me and here is what I’m told:  during surgery, a “sterile field” is prepared, depending on what part of the body is being operated on.

Only things that are going into a patients body need to be sterile.  Our Surgical Serenity headphones are behind the neck and over the ears.  Each earpiece has a disposable sterile cover on it and these are replaces with each patient and connecting band is wiped down with antibacterial spray.  Obviously, the headphones can’t be used with brain, head, neck or face surgery.  Still, our proprietary music can be played nearby and the body will still entrain with the steady, soothing pulse!

For those that are concerned that the headphones are not “sterilized,” we are starting a new purchase model where we offer a less expensive model that doesn’t have as long a battery-playing time but is otherwise very similar to our current model in terms of style (behind-the-neck) and comfort, for a price that will allow hospitals to give EACH surgical patient their own headphones that they can take home with them and continue using as they recover at home with our soothing, steady, comforting music.

Stay tuned for the new model, hopefully appearing in time for Christmas!


New Hospital Program planned for Surgical Headphones


For the past 5 years we have been marketing our surgical  headphones primarily to individuals who are preparing for surgery.  After selling hundreds of these clinically and scientifically proven headphones with our proprietary music on them, we have decided to also have a different headphone that we will market to hospitals.  The new headphones is intended to be given or issued to each surgical patient for them to keep and take home to continue using in their recovery.

We have put thousands of hours into this process and are excited to reveal that we are getting really close to having this new surgical headphone ready to provide to hospitals!  With concerns about infection-control at an all-time high, many hospitals don’t want to re-use anything that they can make disposable.  Although we wouldn’t call this new surgical headphone disposable, we do believe that the new price will allow hospitals to give all surgical patients their own surgical headphone and in addition, patients will have at least four different playlists to choose from.

When we went to the AORN conference in Denver in 2015, this nurse from Johns Hopkins hospital was extremely enthusiastic about our surgical headphones!

Of course we will keep selling our premium surgical headphone will 4 GB of memory and a battery life of 20-24 hours.  We anticipate that dentists will buy these because they can more safely re-use them, as well as cosmetic surgery practices where price restrictions are not so intense.  To order these, just go to  We look forward to providing our proven surgical headphones to all patients preparing for surgery!


Music for Surgery: Headphones or Ambient Music?


What do you think is the best method for delivering music during surgery?  Many methods have been tried:  speakers on the wall, boombox in the corner, headphones, ear buds and even live music in the OR.  I actually used corded headphones connected to  a Sony “Walkman” back in 1994 when I had back surgery and the surgeon and nursing staff felt I had an exceptionally fast recovery.  I had the sense, even back then, that soothing music through headphones created a kind of “sonic cocoon” that was quite beneficial to the patient, not only delivering music directly to the brain, through the 8th cranial nerve, but also blocking out the sounds of surgery and the conversations that patients don’t need to hear.

For me, ear buds are definitely not a good option because they fall out so easily and don’t have the sound-blocking capabilities that headphones have.  Speakers in the wall or nearby are even worse because the patient can still hear conversations and the music playing is likely the music that the surgeon has chosen because of its upbeat, energetic nature.

Live music?  It seems like a great idea, but I question the practicality of that in surgery.  Operating rooms are not very big and to have a musician in the midst of serious surgery brings up all kinds of questions.  If all of those questions could be addressed successfully, I still don’t think that every patient who could benefit from music during their procedure would be able to have it easily.

Obviously, we believe that the pre-programmed, cordless headphones are by far the best choice.  This music has been scientifically chosen for the slow, soothing, steady pulse that engages rhythmic entrainment and allows the patient to relax naturally and thus require less medication.  Once the relaxation response is in place, the music coming through the headphones before, during and after the surgery, does the same job that anxiety medications, pain medications and anesthesia would do.  Make sense?  I’m happy to answer any and all questions you might have.  Just contact me through this blog!


Having a cystoscopy? Music can help you!


CystoscopySSSThere are many medical procedures that are just really uncomfortable.  A cystoscopy is one of those.

Cystoscopy may be done to:

  • Find the cause of many urinary system problems. Examples include blood in the urine, pain when you urinate, incontinence, frequent urinary tract infections, and blockages in the urinary tract.
  • Remove tissue samples for testing (biopsy).
  • Remove a foreign object.
  • Insert a stent. This helps urine flow from the kidneys to the bladder.
  • Treat certain problems. The test can be used to remove stones or growths, help stop bleeding in the bladder, or remove a blockage.
  • Inject a dye that is used for a special type of X-ray of the ureter and kidney.

Anything that potentially causes pain and discomfort is also going to cause a lot of anxiety.  Anxiety in turn, causes muscles to tense up, instead of relaxing, which would make the procedure more difficult and potentially more painful.  So, what’s a patient to do?  MUSIC!  Music is a known therapeutic and calming agent.

One of our happiest, most-satisfied customers used the Surgical Serenity Solution with her cystoscopy and reported “I was really not looking forward to this procedure.  But I had been having some serious symptoms and cancer runs in the family, so I knew I needed to go ahead and have the cystoscopy.  I ordered the surgical headphones and as soon as I put them and started listening to this beautiful music, I knew that I would get through it.  I highly recommend this concept.  They just take you to another whole world and make the procedure seem less scary and painful!”



Surgical Serenity with Hand Surgery


Louisville, KY, has one of he most famous hand surgery practices in the world.  Kleinert and Kutz have introduced procedures that had never been done before.  Sadly, Kentucky has many farming accidents that involve patients losing hands, fingers, and arms.  The brilliant surgeons at Kleinert and Kutz have pioneered procedures that involve re-attaching these limbs and digits in a way that is usually permanent.  One their surgeons pioneered the first hand transplant over 10 years ago.

Using music with a surgical procedure like this can be extremely helpful.  Can you imagine the panic and pain that someone who has just lost an arm, hand or fingers would feel?  Being able to place the Serenity Headphones on a patient as soon as they enter the waiting area, immediately begins to calm the patient as other medications take effect.  With risk of great blood loss, the headphones actually synchronize the heart rate and pulse with the slow, steady tempo of the music and allow doctors to stabilize the patient faster.

One of our customers had to undergo hand surgery with Dr. Kutz, and here is her report to us:

“I have had many surgeries, and this hand surgery with Dr. Cash’s wonderful Surgical Serenity Solution was the easiest by far.  I went to sleep listening to the beautiful piano music, there was a lull and then I woke up hearing that same beautiful music playing.  It was very orienting to me and I remembered immediately exactly where I was and why I was there.  I hope the medical community will realize what a wonderful device you have created and will order them by the thousands!”

Sheryl Soderberg, Louisville, KY

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